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Name Country of Residence Title / CompanyExperienceLanguage(s)Avail. to coach in other countries  
Alexander, LouiseUnited StatesUS Fish and Wildlife Service, NCSU English Email 
Alexander, JohnUnited StatesExecutive Director – Klamath Bird Observatory   Email 
Anderson, AlyssaUnited StatesTNC   Email 
Antenen, SusanUnited StatesNY State Parks English Email 
Apse, ColinUnited StatesSenior Freshwater Conservation Advisor – TNC English Email 
Bagshaw, DarinCanadaConservation Areas Advisor – Government of Northwest Territories   Email 
Bain, TracyUnited StatesPlanning, Monitoring & Evaluation Program Manager – IFAW   Email 
Balint, JudithUnited Statesno longer with WWF US   Email 
Barna, HeatherCanadaDirector, Conservation Planning – Nature Conservancy of Canada English Email 
Bayha, WalterCanadaDeline Renewable Resources Council   Email 
Bechtel, DougUnited StatesCEO – Audubon International English Email 
Benson, Heather SaundersUnited StatesPlanning Manager – Puget Sound Partnership   Email 
Best, BarbaraUnited StatesSenior Coastal Resources Advisor – USAID   Email 
Bloomfield, BetsyUnited StatesCowache Canyon Trust English Email 
Borg, KimCanadaEnvironment and Climate Change Canada English Email 
Boshoven, JudyUnited StatesProgram Officer – Foundations of Success EnglishYesEmail 
Boxwell, JanetCanadaGwichin' Renewable Resources Board   Email 
Braun, MatthewCanadaManager of Conservation Science and Planning – Nature Conservancy of Canada English Email 
Braun, DavidUnited StatesSound Science, Inc English Email 
Bridges, AndrewUnited StatesResearch Ecologist – Institute for Wildlife Studies   Email 
Brook, LilithCanadaSenior Conservation Areas Advisor – Government of the Northwest Territories   Email 
Brown, MarciaUnited StatesSenior Program Officer – Foundations of Success EnglishYesEmail 
Brown, JennyUnited StatesConservation Ecologist – TNC English Email 
Browne, ClaudiaUnited StatesWater Resource Specialist/Bioregion Team leader – Biohabitats   Email 
Bryan, GrahamCanadaManager, Protected Areas – Canadian Wildlife Service - Ontario Region   Email 
Burnidge, WilliamUnited StatesNortheast Colorado Project Director – TNC   Email 
Byers, AnyaUnited StatesLand and Water Conservation Manager – The Nature Conservancy   Email 
Byrne, JamesUnited StatesMarine Science Program Manager – TNC English Email 
Byrne, BobUnited StatesIndepentent Consultant – Bob Byrne Consulting EnglishYesEmail 
Cademus, RonaldHaitiIndependent Consultant French, English Email 
Campellone, RobUnited StatesFounder – Institute for Landscape Conservation Design   Email 
Castro, MauricioUnited StatesSr. Conservation Scientist – TNC English, Spanish, Portuguese, German Email 
Childs, SaraUnited StatesProgram Director – Duke University English Email 
Cochrane, EricaUnited StatesConservation Measures Manager – International Crane Foundation / Endangered Wildlife Trust  YesEmail 
Collomb, Jean GaelUnited StatesWildlife Conservation Network   Email 
Conley, MaryUnited StatesSoutheast Director of Marine Conservation – TNC     
Cornman, AriUnited StatesWildlife Advisor – California Fish and Game Commission   Email 
Decker, LynnUnited StatesIndependent Consultant English Email 
DeGarady, Colette United StatesLongleaf Pine Whole System Director – The Nature Conservancy English Email 
Deland, CarineCanadaDirector of Science and Stewardship, QC – Nature Conservancy of Canada French and English Email 
DeMello, NicoleUnited StatesForest Carbon Specialist – TNC   Email 
DeWan, AmielleUnited StatesExecutive Director – Impact by Design English Email 
Dickerson, AndyUnited StatesExecutive Director – Cardinal Land Conservancy EnglishYesEmail 
Didier, KarlUnited StatesConservation Scientist – Rainforest Trust English, PortugueseYesEmail 
Dietz, Lou AnnUnited StatesPresident – Save the Golden Lion Tamarin EnglishYesEmail 
Duda, LynnUnited StatesConservation Planning Specialist – Independent Consultant EnglishYesEmail 
Dunford, WendyCanadaCandian Wildlife Service - Environment Canada English, French Email 
Dunscomb, JudyUnited StatesSenior Conservation Scientist – TNC English Email 
Dutton, IanUnited StatesPrincipal – Nautilus Impact Investing English, IndonesianYesEmail 
Evans, KirstenUnited StatesDeputy Director of Conservation Strategy and Learning – TNC English Email 
Evans-Peters, SaraUnited StatesConservation Planner – Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture   Email 
Eves, HeatherUnited StatesYale Universtity English Email 
Farrow, LesleyCanadaConservation Coordinator – Environment and Climate Change Canada English Email 
Finn, SeanUnited StatesScience Coordinator – USFWS   Email 
Fisher, JonUnited StatesTerrestrial and Remote Sensing Science Officer, Conservation Science – Pew Charitable Trust   Email 
Flores, Marco A.United StatesBiodiversity Specialist – USAID   Email 
Francis, MargaretUnited StatesFoundation Representative/Representante – IAF     
Gagnon, PaulaUnited StatesIndependent consultant – Paula Gagnon Consulting EnglishYesEmail 
Garris, CristyUnited StatesIndependent Consultant Chinese, English, RussianYesEmail 
Garvoille, RebeccaUnited StatesPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Conservation Biology – Denver Zoo English Email 
Goetz, JamesUnited StatesPhD Student – Cornell University   Email 
Gondor, AnneUnited StatesConservation Planner – Independent Consultant/grad student (Masters in Natural Resources) English Email 
Gonzales, EmilyCanadaEcological Restoration Specialist – Parks Canada   Email 
Goose, ErinCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural Resources   Email 
Gordon, DoriaUnited StatesEDF English Email 
Gottlieb, SaraUnited StatesDirector of Freshwater Science & Strategy – TNC English Email 
Grasela, Katarzyna (Kasia)Dominican RepublicIndependent consultant – Independent Consultant English, Spanish, possibly PolishYesEmail 
Green, ShelleyUnited StatesDirector of Conservation Programs – TNC English Email 
Haas, ClaudiaCanadaProtected Areas Biologist – Government of the Northwest Territories   Email 
Hamel, CaryCanadaDirector of Conservation (Acting) – Nature Conservancy of Canada, Manitoba Region   Email 
Harding, CraigCanadaManager of Conservation Science and Planning – Nature Conservancy of Canada English Email 
Harrell, Reginal M.United StatesProfessor of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences & Extension Specialist – University of Maryland   Email 
Hayden, DanielUnited StatesSenior Director, Global Programs – RARE English   
Heaston, JohnUnited StatesIndependent Consultant English Email 
Hendrix, TatianaUnited StatesProgram Officer, Combating Wildlife Trafficking – US Fish and Wildlife   Email 
Heron, TimCanadaNWT Metis Nation   Email 
Herschler, NathanUnited StatesIFAW   Email 
Heumann, BlaneUnited StatesTNC English Email 
Hicks, ShellyUnited StatesSenior Project Design Specialist – Environmental Incentives, Measuring Impact Project   Email 
Hill, MeganUnited StatesEnvironment Specialist – USAID   Email 
Hodgkiss, SarahCanadaCarolinian Canada Coalition   Email 
Hoffman, NancyUnited StatesProject Leader – Independent Consultant   Email 
Hoffman, Anne MarieUnited StatesCoastal Conservation Project Manager – Independent Consultant English; Spanish Email 
Holman, DeanCanadaLiidli Kue First Nation   Email 
Holst Rice, SusieUnited StatesProgram and Management Analyst – NOAA English Email 
Hook, AbigailUnited StatesESA | Environmental Science Associates  YesEmail 
Howes, BriarCanadaParks Canada French Email 
Hudson, Virginia (Ginny)CanadaNature Conservancy of Canada   Email 
Humpert, MarkUnited StatesConservation Initiatives Director – Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies English Email 
Ingraham, MollyUnited StatesAssociate Director of Conservation Planning – TNC English Email 
Jalava, JarmoCanadaConsulting Ecologist – Independent Consultant   Email 
Jawhary, DaliaUnited StatesHima Programs Director – Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon-SPNL   Email 
Jobin, BenoitCanadaHabitat Conservation Specialist – Environment and Climate Change Canada French and English Email 
Johnson, MIkeUnited StatesEnvironmental Planner – Puget Sound Partnership   Email 
Johnson, ArlyneUnited StatesSenior Program Officer – Foundations of Success EnglishYesEmail 
Kaplan, RachelUnited StatesProgram Officer – WWF   Email 
Kessler, DanielleUnited StatesSenior Policy & Outreach Manager – IFAW   Email 
Khoury, MaryUnited StatesSenior Conservation Scientist – TNC English Email 
Kinahan, Anouska A.GuyanaScience Research and Development Technical Advisor – Frankfurt Zoological Society| Bale Mountains National Park   Email 
King, DanielleUnited StatesSustainable Landscapes Lui-Walton Innovator Fellow – CI  YesEmail 
Kissick, AmeliaUnited StatesWWF-US   Email 
Knauer, JenniferUnited StatesHook & Knauer English Email 
Koscinski, DariaCanadaCarolinian Canada Coalition   Email 
Kramer, DaveUnited StatesGerente de aprendizaje e innovación – The Colombia Rising Project & ANIIP (Austin Network of International Impact Professionals)   Email 
Lacy, LeanderUnited StatesCbD 2.0 Learning Coordinator – TNC   Email 
LaPoint, JodieUnited StatesAssociate Director of Conservation – TNC English Email 
Lapointe, Nicolas (Nick)CanadaThe Nature Conservancy of Canada   Email 
Larrea, IrmaUnited StatesProgramme Manager of the Living Amazon Initiative – WWF - US Spanish; English Email 
Lasch, CristinaMexicoConservation Planning Specialist & CCNet Technical Coordinator – TNC     
Lentz, Lauren HannaUnited StatesImpact by Design Group   Email 
Little, HenryUnited StatesAssistant Director of Science Freshwater – Applied Conservation EnglishYesEmail 
Lockwood, WarrenUnited StatesProduct Manager – Sitka Technology Group   Email 
Low, GregUnited StatesConservation Planner – Applied Conservation EnglishYesEmail 
Luster, RyanUnited StatesRestoration Program Manager – TNC English Email 
Mackay, GlenCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories – Education, Culture and Employment   Email 
MacLeod, BritneyCanadaHabitat Ecologist – Environment and Climate Change Canada English Email 
Maier, KrisCanadaGwichin' Renewable Resources  Board   Email 
Majerus, Jill United StatesSenior Consultant, Markets & Conservation – Independent Consultant English Email 
Makletzoff, TonyaCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural Resources   Email 
Maloy, MollyUnited StatesGraduate and Adult Programs Manager – Denver Zoo   Email 
Marchant, KimberleyUnited StatesDirector, Field Programs – WWF-US   Email 
Martin, BrianUnited StatesEastern MT Science & Stewardship Director – TNC English Email 
Martin, AllisonUnited StatesProgram Associate, Indigenous & Communal Conservation – TNC   Email 
Matsumoto, SandiUnited StatesAssociate Director, California Water Program – TNC English Email 
McDonald, Katherine (Katie)CanadaIndependent Consultant   Email 
Miewald, TomUnited StatesSpatial Ecologist/Conservation Planner – USFWS   Email 
Miller, RobynUnited StatesDirector of Conservation Programs – TNC English Email 
Miller, NickUnited StatesDirector of Science & Strategy – TNC     
Morales, MiguelUnited StatesConservation International English Email 
Morgan, AlexisCanadaPrivate consultant – Independent Consultant  No  
Morrison, JohnUnited StatesManager, Conservation Planning & Measures; Coordinator-CCNet – WWF US English Email 
Mountain, LaraCanadaDucks Unlimited, Canada   Email 
Muir, MatthewUnited StatesBiologist – USFWS English Email 
Muller, GretchenUnited StatesSenior Associate – Cascadia Consulting Group   Email 
Nelson, KaraUnited StatesConservation Planner and Scientist – Kara Nelson Consulting EnglishYesEmail 
Neufeld, RebekahCanadaConservation Operations Program Coordinator – Nature Conservancy of Canada English Email 
Neugarten, RachelUnited StatesDirector, Conservation Priority Setting – CI   Email 
Neyelle, MichaelCanadaDeline Renewable Resources Council   Email 
Noseworthy, JoshCanadaDirector of Science - Atlantic Canada – Nature Conservancy of Canada   Email 
Nuñez, FranciscoDominican RepublicNorth Western Caribbean Project Coordinator – TNC     
Nussey, PatCanadaConservation Planner – Nature Conservancy of Canada English Email 
O'Neill, ElizabethUnited StatesManaging Director – EON Impact Consulting EnglishYesEmail 
O’Brien, SaraUnited StatesDirector of Conservation Planning – Defenders of Wildlife English Email 
Orndorff, StephanieUnited StatesConservation Planner/GIS – National Audubon Society English Email 
Pague, ChrisUnited StatesLead Senior Conservation Ecologist – TNC EnglishYesEmail 
Paskus, JohnUnited StatesSenior Conservation Scientist, Lead Conservation Planner – Michigan State University English Email 
Patterson, TamathaUnited StatesConservation Ecologist – USGS   Email 
Peabody, ShawnUnited StatesLearning Specialist – Environmental Incentives English Email 
Pearsall, DougUnited StatesSenior Conservation Scientist – TNC English Email 
Pickering, DebbieUnited StatesOregon Coast Ecologist – TNC English Email 
Pintea, LilianUnited StatesDirector of Conservation Science – The Jane Goodall Institute English Email 
Planitzer, CarolinUnited StatesSenior Program Officer, Conservation Finance – World Wildlife Fund   Email 
Plume, CatherineUnited StatesPrincipal – BlueGreenPlume EnglishYesEmail 
Potter, KarenCanadaEnvironment and Climate Change Canada English Email 
Powers, ElizabethUnited StatesUSFWS   Email 
Present, TessUnited StatesSenior Associate – Environmental Incentives   Email 
Ray, David K.United StatesManaging Director of Conservation – Lowcountry Land Trust English Email 
Remson, EJUnited StatesSenior Program Manager – TNC English Email 
Robertson, AmandaUnited StatesUS Fish and Wildlife   Email 
Robson, LauraCanadaConservation Coordinator, ON Region – Nature Conservancy of Canada English Email 
Salafsky, NickUnited StatesDirector – FOS EnglishYesEmail 
Salzer, DanUnited StatesConservation Planning & Tools Specialist – TNC English Email 
Sargent, TashaCanadaJoint Venture Coordinator – Environment and Climate Change Canada English Email 
Schake, KatherineUnited StatesProgram Associate – Nautilus Impact Investing   Email 
Schueler, KelseyUnited StatesSenior Associate – Environmental Incentives   Email 
Schuler, GeorgeUnited StatesDirector of Conservation Science and Practice – TNC English Email 
Schulz, TerriUnited StatesSenior Conservation Ecologist – TNC EnglishYesEmail 
Scoggin, SandraUnited StatesConservation Program Coordinator – San Francisco Bay Joint Venture   Email 
Sherman, JulieUnited StatesExecutive Director – Wildlife Impact  YesEmail 
Sherwood, KristinUnited Statesindependent - Fish Choice   Email 
Shurtliff, QuinnUnited StatesWildlife Biologist and Conservation Planning Coach – Veolia Nuclear Solutions - Federal Services EnglishYesEmail 
Sissons, RobertCanadaParks Canada English Email 
Sliwinski, MaggiCanadaParks Canada English Email 
Stein, KellyCanadaConservation Areas Management Planner – Government of Northwest Territories   Email 
Stem, CarolineUnited StatesSenior Program Officer – Foundations of Success English, SpanishYesEmail 
Stenhouse, RenaeUnited StatesDirector, WWF GEF Agency – WWF-US   Email 
Sterne, CharlaUnited StatesUS Fish and Wildlife   Email 
Stiles, KariUnited StatesAdaptive Systems Manager – Puget Sound Institute – University of Washington English Email 
Strand, HollyUnited StatesUtah State University   Email 
Strole, ToddUnited StatesNatural Areas Stewardship Program Manager – Illinois Department of Natural Resources   Email 
Sullivan, CourtneyUnited StatesWWF   Email 
Sumiye, JasonUnited StatesConservation Programs Coordinator – TNC English Email 
Sundaresan, SivaKenyaDenver Zoological Foundation English Email 
Suoto, TamiaUnited StatesProgram Director – Amazon Conservation English, Spanish Email 
Surridge, MarthaUnited StatesSenior Conservation Planner – Defenders of Wildlife English Email 
Sutter, RobUnited StatesConsultant – Enduring Conservation Outcomes, LLC EnglishYesEmail 
Suval, MarikaUnited StatesAdaptive Management Facilicator – Independent Consultant English, Afrikaans, Sesotho, SepediYesEmail 
Swallow, MichelleCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural Resources   Email 
Swaminathan, VinayaUnited StatesConservation Planner – Foundations of Success EnglishYesEmailProfile
Swanepoel, Pieter AUnited StatesSafaribwana   Email 
Swaty, RandyUnited Statesecologist – TNC   Email 
Tanaka, AndreaCanadaHabitat Planner, Stewardship – Environment and Climate Change Canada English Email 
Todd, PaulUnited StatesDirector Strategy Development Initiatives & Campaigns – NRDC   Email 
Toledo, DianaUnited StatesLeadership Development Director – River Network Spanish, English Email 
Toro, JessicaUnited StatesCo-Owner – Native Habitat Restoration English Email 
Tremblay, ChristianCanadaParks Canada English and French Email 
Tua, JonUnited StatesDirector of Strategic Planning and Finance – WWF English Email 
Turner, DaleUnited StatesConservation Scientist – TNC English Email 
Unnasch, RobertUnited StatesDirector of Science – TNC English Email 
van Sleeuwen, BrendaCanadaNational Manager, Property Science and Planning – Nature Conservancy of Canada English Email 
Wagner, JohnUnited StatesConservation Planner and Data Manager – TNC   Email 
Watland, AngelaUnited StatesConservation Planner – TNC English Email 
Watson, JulieUnited StatesHabitat Strategic Initiative Policy Lead – Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife   Email 
Waugh, JohnUnited StatesVice President – Integra LLC   Email 
Welch, MeganUnited StatesProgram Officer – WWF US English Email 
West, PaulUnited StatesCo-director and Lead Scientist – Global Landscapes Initiative at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment   Email 
Wheeler, JenniferUnited StatesIndependent Consultant   Email 
Whitehead, MariaUnited StatesSenior Project Manager – Open Space Institute English Email 
Will, TomUnited StatesSenior Nongame Bird Biologist – USFWS   Email 
Will, ThomasUnited StatesUSFWS   Email 
Williams, LisaUnited StatesConservation Science & Strategy Specialist – TNC     
Wilson, TroyUnited StatesI&M Coordinator – US Fish & Wildlife Service   Email 
Wongbusarakum, SupinUnited StatesCoral Reef Ecosystem Division (CRED) Senior Scientist – University of Hawaii in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology   Email 
Wysocki, KoralCanadaProgram Manager – Carolinian Canada Coalition English Email 
Young, JoraUnited StatesCCNet English Email 
Zimmer, KarlCanadaHead, Stewardship – Environment and Climate Change Canada English Email 
Zollner, DouglasUnited StatesTNC English Email