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Enduring Conservation Outcomes



Rob & lemurs








Enduring Conservation Outcomes is an ecological consulting firm with expertise in conservation planning, monitoring, and adaptive management. The firm is proficient in the use of the Open Standards (OS) and Miradi software, including incorporation of climate change threats and human wellbeing targets, and modifications to meet federal and state planning standards. The firm has planning experience in terrestrial, karst, freshwater, and marine systems, and with targets ranging from species and ecosystems to archeological and historic sites. Recent projects include development of strategies for terrestrial conservation in the United Arab Emirates (2014), a conservation plan for St. Catherines Island, State of Georgia, U.S. (2013), and training in OS for the California (U.S.) State Wildlife Action Plan (2012).

The principal of the firm, Rob Sutter, was one of the developer’s of The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) Conservation Action Planning Process and has over 20 years experience in conservation planning. With TNC, he led planning sessions for karst ecosystems of North America (2008), wildlife poaching in four East African countries (2008), headwater rivers of the Southeast US (2007) and coastal and marine projects in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia (2006). He has teamed with David Braun (ecohydrologist and author of Advanced Guidance for Assessing the Viability of Conservation Targets) and Greg Low (a leading conservation planner and co-developer of conservation landscape forecasting) on several projects.

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