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Conservation Standards Version 4.0 Available in Portuguese!

The Conservation Measures Partnership is excited to announce that Version 4.0 of the Conservation Standards is now available in Portuguese. A big thank you to Gustavo Gatti of Conserve Brasil for the hard work, patience, and attention to detail in producing this translation!   In creating this…

New Online Course in Step 3 of the Conservation Standards

  Story from Felix Cybulla (independent Consultant) and Marika Suval (Independent Consultant)  In recent years, demand for training in later steps of the Conservation Standards process and for online training options has been rising. CCNet participants, especially those from the Teaching Adaptive Management Network, have given this increasing attention. Thanks to…

Thinking and Working Politically When Practicing the Conservation Standards at USAID

Story from Kelsey Schueler (Environmental Incentives), Heidi Schuttenberg (USAID) and Jeff Stark.    USAID has developed a new resource with practical advice for thinking and working politically when practicing the Conservation Standards in USAID work. Given strong evidence that political factors overwhelmingly drive the loss of biodiversity, this guide is based…

Guidance on Applying the Conservation Standards to Ecosystem-based Adaptation

Story from Marcia Brown (FOS/CCNet Global), John Morrison (WWF/CCNet Global), Tobias Garstecki (Independent Consultant), Adrienne Marvin (FOS), Nicolas Boenisch (FOS Europe/CCNet Europe)  A Conservation Measures Partnership working group, which includes representatives from Foundations of Success and World Wildlife Fund, recently had the opportunity to work with colleagues at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH in Central…

Healthy Country Planning – tools to support the process

These tools to support a Healthy Country Planning process were updated in September 2020 by Frank Weisenberger. A special thanks to Nathalie Holland, Stuart Cowell, Andre Grant, Luke Preece and David Hinchley for providing input and feedback. Changes include: New tool:…

Guía para la planificación y gestión de Áreas Marinas Protegidas (AMP) con participación de comunidades locales y/o indígenas basada en los Estándares para la Conservación

This “Guide for planning and management of Marine Protected Areas with participation of local and/or indigenous communities, based on the Conservation Standards”, produced by WWF Chile is in Spanish. This guide is in large part inspired by Healthy Country Planning,…

Tools of Engagement

Tools of Engagement: A Toolkit for Engaging People in Conservation was developed by the National Audubon Society in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP), and TogetherGreen, a program of Audubon, in alliance…