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Healthy Country Planning: Self-Assessment Tool

This is a tool for the use of teams to check their progress in the development and implementation of their conservation or Healthy Country Plans. The tool is based on the CAP Self-Assessment Tool and adaptations made by CCNet coaches, but was…

Annotated Outline of a Planning Process Charter for Proteced Areas. Based on best practices from practitioners. Draft: December, 2008

This document can provide a point of reference for teams who are embarking in a protected area planning process, and who would like to establish their initial process expectations in writing. The ideas presented in this document are based on…

Conservation project management skills survey 03/2015

This report was produced by WildTeam through an online survey with information from 250 responses from conservationists representing 141 organisations and 52 countries. The survey focused on assessing: The need for project management skills in conservation The demand for training…