New CCNet Coach Trainings in 2020

Conservation Coach Trainings are offered by CCNet Global in coordination with regional CCNet Franchises and often with partners who co-host trainings.

Trainings are for those already experienced with the Open Standards, with the opportunity or the mandate to lead conservation project teams, who feel ready and desire to increase their knowledge.


Our upcoming coach training events for 2020 are: 

North America – CCNet Rally 2020, Victoria, Canada: May 2020. Approximately every two years we come together to connect, share innovations, sharpen our skills, and uplift our spirits to support conservation practitioners to do better, smarter conservation all around the world. Many sessions and networking opportunities are offered by peers, for peers at this event, which will take place from May 17th – May 21st (plan to arrive on May 17th and leave in the late afternoon on May 20th (or noon May 21st if you are on the CCNet Board) – sessions will be held from May 18 -20. For more information, click here.

New Coach Training in English | August, 2020 | Hawaii, United States: The Nature Conservancy will host a CCNET Coach Training. For more information, contact Emily Fielding or John Morrison.

Southeast Asia – Coach Facilitation Training, Kuching, Malaysia: June 2020. This is not a training for new conservation coaches. The training aims at fostering facilitation skills for trained coaches through active practicing and role playing. We really want to focus on elevating facilitation skills of existing coaches, to help them feel stronger, more confident and better equipped with new techniques to facilitate or lead groups. For more information, please contact Felix Cybulla (


Latin America – Possibly a New Coach Training in Spanish (in Chile): depending on interest and if we secure financial support, we might offer a training some time in 2020. If you are interested, contact Irina Montenegro and Cristina Lasch.

Coach Trainings that already took place this year:

Africa – New Coach Training, near Johannesburg, South Africa: February 2020.

North America – New Coach Training, Canada: 25 February – 1 March 2019.

Europe – New Coach Training, Sweden: 1-5 April 2019.

Europe – European Coaches Rally, Sweden: 5-7 April 2019.

North America – New Coach Training, California, United States: November 2019. 


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  1. Heather Pankhurst

    Hi, I’m interested in becoming a conservation coach and I’m wondering if there will be any coach trainings in Ontario, Canada in 2020? Do you offer online training?

    • clasch

      Hello Heather, thanks for your interest in becoming a conservation coach. We don’t have any new conservation coach trainings scheduled for Canada right now, but I can pass on your contact information to our North America franchise leaders so they can inform you of any upcoming opportunities in the region. If you are already familiar with the Open Standards, you would be welcome to attend our CCNet Rally in Victoria next year. There will be many training opportunities there, although not a new coach training. All the best, Cristina

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