Open Standards Trainings in 2019 and 2020

While CCNet global and franchises focus their trainings mostly on new conservation coaches, individual franchises or partner organizations also offer basic methods trainings on adaptive management and the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation and related method adaptations.

Open Standards or related trainings that we are aware of:

Upcoming trainings:

North America – Canada. May 2020. Healthy Country Planning. In conjunction with the CCNet Rally, colleagues are willing to offer trainings on Healthy Country Planning, bith at an introductory level, and one focusing more on measures, evaluation, adaptation and learning. If you are interested, please contact Stuart Cowell and Frank Weisenberger.


Trainings that already happened:

Southeast Asia – Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. July 20-21, 2019. NaturePlan’s Andrew Bridges will teach a 2-day Open Standards short course at the International Congress on Conservation Biology, University of Nottingham.  Registration is now closed, and 20 students from 12 countries will participate.

North America – USA, Reno, Nevada. September 29, 2019 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm: The course “Systematic Planning to Improve Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation and Management”, is hosted by The Wildlife Society, with support from the Military Lands Working Group, within the joint annual conference of the American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society 2019. In addition to providing an introduction to the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation and the support software Miradi, participants will learn how this adaptive management method can be applied in highly regimented and complex situations such as federal military lands Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans (INRMPs) and State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPs). Click here for more information. Advance registration is required through the conference website.

Europe – Multi-team workshop in the UK – October 20-25, 2019: the European Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet Europe) and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust are organizing a Multiple Team Workshop for conservation practitioners on Adaptive Management of conservation projects and natural areas using the CMP Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation. The workshop will be held at the Durrell Conservation Academy, Jersey Zoo, Jersey (UK), from 20 to 25 October 2019. This event allows for up to 24 participants or 3 teams of 8 people each to join. Click here for more information. Registration closes 26th August 2019.


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