The Conservation Coaches Network aims to improve conservation by empowering people to develop, implement, evaluate, adapt and share effective strategies that achieve tangible conservation results benefitting both people and nature all over the world.

CCNet seeks to improve the effectiveness of project teams working to protect NGO, government, and privately managed lands and waters worldwide. While ultimately our work will be evident in healthy and resilient ecosystems and in the well-being of human communities in the projects supported by Coaches, these goals lie beyond our direct sphere of influence. Therefore, the key intermediate outcome on which our efforts are focused is empowering conservation practitioners whose actions can achieve these ultimate outcomes.

To achieve these outcomes, CCNet aims to have an engaged cadre of Coaches (“Franchise”) on every continent supporting people who are working to protect the most important places and solve the most challenging issues for their regions. The CCNet vision is that these Franchises and Coaches continuously improve and adapt the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation framework in ways that are responsive to the cultures and communities in which they work and the unique conservation challenges they face. These Franchises and Coaches will be locally funded while being supported by a small Network Coordination Team focused on enhancing their skills and effectiveness and providing them with opportunities to share promising practices across the greater Network. In this way, every team that needs support will have access to a trained, connected Coach who will help them plan, manage, monitor and learn from their work, leading to meaningful conservation results all over the world.

Recent News & Events

Week-long basic Open Standards training course October 29 – November 2, 2018 in the US. A few spaces left!
FOS and the US Fish and Wildlife Service (US FWS) are teaming up to offer a week-long basic Open Standards training course Oct 29 – Nov 2 this year. The course will be taught at the US FWS National Conservation…
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First Group of Certified Conservation Coaches Announced
Story by Stewart Cowell, Director at Conservation Management Over the past 10 years, and at least the last three CCNet Rallies, the idea of Coach Certification has been discussed and explored. Following the Barcelona Rally in 2015, a number of…
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2018 CCNet Global Service Awards
At our CCNet Rallies, we present service awards to colleagues who have gone beyond what is expected of them to serve our global community. This year’s awards were presented by CCNet Global Coordinator John Morrison at the 2018 Rally party.…
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