2007 Rally – Yucatan, Mexico

CCNet Rally Mexico

The 2007 Efroymson Coaches Network Rally was held February 6 – 8 on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico at the Mayaland Resort, directly adjacent to the Chichen Itza Mayan ruins.

The 105 participants were predominantly from The Nature Conservancy, but WWF was also represented. Those assembled had supported teams representing over 150 conservation projects over the preceding year.

The 2007 Coaches Rally featured 12 Clinics and 4 Work Sessions:


  1. Getting to Scale
  2. Key Ecological Attributes
  3. Facilitating Strategies
  4. Planning With Diverse Stakeholders
  5. Situation Analysis
  6. Adapting CAP for Agency Planning Purposes
  7. Efroymson Workshops Grouped by Themes
  8. Helping Teams Develop Measures
  9. Workbook Driving Clinic
  10. COP7
  11. Spectacular Strategies and Promising Failures
  12. Tips for Facilitating Multiple Projects in Efroymson Workshops

Work Sessions

  1. Building a Shared Database for KEA’s
  2. Rapid CAPS
  3. Using CAP at Very Large Scales
  4. CAP’s Future Recommendations

To see an overview of the Rally program click here.