Over the last 10 years, CCNet has developed a format for training coaches. The training is for those already experienced with the Conservation Standards, with the opportunity or the mandate to lead conservation project teams, who feel ready and desire to increase their knowledge.

A maximum of 20 participants is typical. Preparation for a coach training includes participation in one (or preferably more) Conservation Standards planning and implementation process. Ideally, some additional training as a coach-in-training under the tutelage of an experienced coach in a single or multi-team planning or peer review process.

CCNet coach trainers are generally very experienced coaches who have worked with all sorts of teams in all sorts of settings. There is a short list of trainers who have been given specific training in how to deliver a CCNet training, and at least one of the trainers should be someone the CCNet coordination team endorses. Please coordinate with the CCNet core team (John Morrison and Cristina Lasch) to find a trainer appropriate for your region and native language.

Here is a typical coach training agenda.

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