Coaches Notebook

By learning, and passing the
learning on, coaches help improve
the practice of conservation

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Coaches Notebook

CCNet Coach Trainings provide a Coaches Notebook which contains presentations, exercises, and assorted tools. Powerpoints are typically printed 3 slides per page with room for notes on the right hand side of the page. The Coach Notebook is organized in chapters:

  1. CCNet Overview
  2. Materials for Sponsors & Coordinators
  3. Coaches Workshop Materials
  4. Targets
  5. Target Viability
  6. Threats
  7. Situation Analysis
  8. Conservation Strategies
  9. Results Chains
  10. Measures & Monitoring
  11. Operational Planning
  12. Coach Resources

Support CCNet Global

The Conservation Coaches Network aims to improve conservation by empowering people to develop, implement, evaluate, adapt and share effective strategies that achieve tangible conservation results benefitting both people and nature all over the world.

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Coaches Resource Library

CCNet maintains a variety of resources to support Coaches in the presentation and use of the Conservation Standards. Most of the resources are found in multiple languages in the Coaches Notebook that is part of CCNet New Coach Trainings. In addition, in our Resource Library you can find a wealth of support materials shared by Coaches and Conservation Standards practitioners.

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Our Collaborators

Every organization, agency, project, and individual has its own preferred set of terms. There is no right answer – the most important thing is that the members of your project team and the people with whom you work have a clear and common understanding of whatever terms you choose to use.

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Download CS

The Conservation Standards is the product of inputs, field tests, and discussions among members of the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP), which has final editorial authority over the Conservation Standards. Substantial input was also provided by members of the Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet) and other CMP partners.

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Contact CCNet

To inquire about supporting CCNet or for general inquiries, please contact:

John Morrison - CCNet Global Coordinator
Cristina Lasch - CCNet Technical Coordinator

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