What is the CCNet Listserv and how do I subscribe?

Are you a conservation coach or practitioner who is looking for ways to connect with your peers around the world? Join the CCNet Listserv to ask questions, share experiences and tell others about interesting opportunities relating to your application of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation (Conservation standards), and topics related to the practice of conservation and sustainable development.

How do I sign up?

  • contact Cristina Lasch, and share a brief description of how you use the Conservation Standards
  • receive welcome e-mail
  • follow the CCNet Listserv link and use code from welcome e-mail to set up personal password
  • start interacting by addressing your message to ccnet@npogroups.org

Good Listserv practice: We can help each other identify topics that interest us most or that need a rapid response if we include the specific topic of our email in the subject line. 

For a complete walkthrough on how to use the Listserve and how to set it up, we invite you to download the presentation. It is really easy and gives you a good overview on the possibilities it offers and the groundrules of usage.

Worried that your email-inbox will clog up? Well you don’t need to worry. You can personalize your connection to the list serve and choose to get a summary of the topics being discussed on a periodic basis. The presentation explains how.  But don’t hesitate to ask  Cristina Lasch if you need help setting up and personalizing your connection.

We look forward to hearing about your wisdom born of experience!

For more information about CCNet or more specific questions, contact Cristina or John Morrison.

Below you will find a link to the CCNet Listserv archive (only subscribers are able to access):

CCNet Listserv 90 Day Archive
View the full archive