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Name Country of Residence Title / CompanyExperienceLanguage(s)Avail. to coach in other countries  
Anderson, MarkAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach  Email 
Ansell, JenniferAustraliaConsultantCoach  Email 
Austin, Elvira (Ellie)AustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Bayley, SamAustraliaKimberley Land Council - WillinginCoachEnglish Email 
Berkinshaw, ToddAustraliaTechnical Services Manager – Greening Australia English Email 
Beshara, TimAustraliaScience Manager – Greening Australia English Email 
Bock, EllieAustraliaConsultantCoach  Email 
Branigan, SimonAustraliaEstuaries Conservation Coordinator – TNCCoach  Email 
Broughton, ColinAustraliaFacilitator – Nillumbik Landcare NetworkCoach  Email 
Brown, AllanaAustraliaHealthy Landscapes Manger / Ecologist North Region – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoach  Email 
Carr, BenAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoachEnglish Email 
Carswell, EleanorAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach  Email 
Chek, AndrewAustraliaProject Officer – Australian Government Department of the EnvironmentCoach in Training  Email 
Clark, EllieAustraliaWimmera Project Officer – Trust for NatureCoach  Email 
Cowell, StuartAustraliaDirector – Conservation ManagementCoach, Coach TrainerEnglishYesEmail 
Creek, DionAustraliaKalan Enterprises/Kaantju Traditional OwnerCoachPortuguese, English Email 
Creek, JenniferAustraliaKulla Land TrustCoach in TrainingEnglish Email 
Creek, LucretiaAustraliaKulla Land TrustCoach in Training  Email 
Cullen, BenAustraliaPort Phillip & Westernport Regional Manager – Trust for NatureCoach  Email 
Deegan, PaulaAustraliaIndependent consultant – UnaffiliatedCoach, Coach TrainerEnglishYesEmail 
Doudle, SamAustraliaProject Officer – Department of Environment, Water and Natural ResourcesCoach in Training  Email 
Dougherty, ClairAustraliaProperty Planning Coordinator – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoachEnglish Email 
Dufty, AnthonyAustraliaSustainable Land Management Coordinator (West) – Port Phillip Westernport CMACoach  Email 
Durant, MickAustraliaSenior Vegetation Consultant – Greening AustraliaCoach in Training  Email 
Dutton, IanUnited StatesPrincipal – Nautilus Impact InvestingCoach TrainerEnglish, IndonesianYesEmail 
Eccles, SarahAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach  Email 
Evans, DougAustraliaLandcare and Sustainable Agriculture Manager – Port Phillip Westernport CMACoach  Email 
Ferarro, PaulAustraliaScience Officer – Trust For NatureCoach  Email 
Fitzherbert, KateAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach in TrainingEnglish Email 
Fraser, LaurenAustraliaTrust for NatureCoachEnglish Email 
Freudenberger, DavidAustraliaSenior Lecturer – Fenner School of Environment & Society English Email 
Gellar, NigelAustraliaSenior Ranger Coordinator – Warddeken Land ManagementCoach in Training  Email 
Geoghegan, JoelAustraliaFacilitator – Bass Coast Landcare NetworkCoach  Email 
Gilfillan, AnnaAustraliaTerritory NRMCoach in Training  Email 
Gore-Birch Gault, Cecilia (Cissy)AustraliaBalanggarra IPA Co-ordinator – Balanggarra Aboriginal CorporationCoach in Training  Email 
Grant, AndreAustraliaCentre for Alternative TechnologiesCoach TrainerEnglish, FrenchYesEmail 
Grattidge, AnnAustraliaEcOz Environmental ServicesCoach in Training  Email 
Grindrod, JenAustraliaProgram Coordinator, Land Management – APY Anangu Pitjantjatjara YankunytjatjaraCoach  Email 
Grinrod, JenAustraliaConservation Project Officer – Bush Heritage Australia English Email 
Groffen, HeidiAustraliaWildlife biologist – Territory NRMCoach in Training  Email 
Gunn, JodyAustraliaExecutive Manager South east Region – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoach  Email 
Guymala, TerahAustraliaWarddeken English Email 
Halligan, SarahAustraliaSustainable Land Management Coordinator (East) – Port Phillip Westernport CMACoach  Email 
Hasenauer, NadjaAustraliaWWFCoach in Training  Email 
Heydenrych, BarryAustraliaGondwana Link coordinator – Greening Australia-Gondwana LinkCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Hobson, NaomiAustraliaBalkanu /KULLA (Cape York)CoachFrench, English, Spanish Email 
Hogbin, AmandaAustraliaConsultantCoach  Email 
Holland, NatalieAustraliaConservation Projects Manager – TNCCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Holmes, JarradAustraliaDambimangari Healthy Country Coordinator – Kimberley Land CouncilCoach in Training  Email 
Howe, SteffanAustraliaMarine Science Manager – Parks VictoriaCoach  Email 
Ignjic, EmmaAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Jackson, MichaAustraliaConsultantCoach in Training  Email 
Jaffer, TimAustraliaUnaffiliated English Email 
Jefferies, BruceNew ZealandConservation Planning & Management Systems Consultant – Independent ConsultantCoachEnglishYesEmail 
Keesing, AmandaAustraliaGondwana Link LtdCoachEnglish Email 
Kermode, RoscoAustraliaConsultant – Conservation ManagementCoach in Training  Email 
King, BrettAustraliaProgram Coordinator - Protecting Biodiversity – North Queensland Dry Tropics NRMCoach in Training  Email 
Koch, PaulAustraliaProject Ecologist – Independent ConsulotantCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Kumar, Saras SureshAustraliaConservation ManagementCoach in Training  Email 
Lasch, CristinaMexicoConservation Planning Specialist & CCNet Technical Coordinator – TNCCoach Trainer    
Lipsett-Moore, GeoffAustraliaNorthern Australia Program Director – TNC Australia Program English Email 
Mackay, GreyAustraliaProgram Manager – Rangelands NRM WACoach in Training  Email 
McCreedy, EricaAustraliaNAILSMACoach in Training  Email 
McGinlee, BilleeAustraliaNAILSMACoach in Training  Email 
McGregor, JamesAustraliaCAP Facilitator – Greening AustraliaCoach in Training  Email 
McLean, LyndallAustraliaConsultant Handy Mandy NTCoach Trainer  Email 
McLellan, ElisabethAustraliaHealthy Landscapes Manager – Western Rangelands – Bush Heritage Australia   Email 
Mikov, MichaelAustraliaPlanning, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist – Independent Consultant   Email 
Mitchell, Katherine (Kat)AustraliaWilinggin Healthy Country Coordinator – Kimberley Land CouncilCoach in Training  Email 
Morrison, JohnUnited StatesManager, Conservation Planning & Measures; Coordinator-CCNet – WWF USCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Muchow, ArturAustraliaFacilitator – Middle Yarra Landcare NetworkCoach  Email 
Nabarlambal, SarahAustraliaWarddeken English Email 
Nicholls, DominickAustraliaIndependent Consultant   Email 
Nichols, KellieAustraliaCoordinator – Bass Coast Landcare NetworkCoach  Email 
Paiva, FredaPapua New GuineaEcology /Conservation Lecturer – PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment     
Pegler, PhilAustraliaParks VictoriaCoach  Email 
Pennington, AdamAustraliaDepartment of Environment, Water and Natural ResourcesCoach in Training  Email 
Plume, CatherineUnited StatesPrincipal – BlueGreenPlumeCoachEnglishYesEmail 
Polglase, LanaAustraliaKuuku Y'au Aboriginal CorporationCoach in TrainingEnglish Email 
Ramachandra, AnuragAustraliaCICoach  Email 
Robinson, DougAustraliaActing Regional Operations Manager and Conservation Science Coordinator – Trust for NatureCoach  Email 
Rodrigue, MarkAustraliaProgram Leader Marine and Coasts – Parks VictoriaCoach  Email 
Sanders, AngelaAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach  Email 
Sapul, AnnisahPapua New GuineaWildlife Conservation Society     
Sherriff, NicoleAustraliaStakeholder Coordinator – Hydro TasmaniaCoach in Training  Email 
Simpson, VirginiaAustraliaGreater Mekong and Timor Leste Development Manager – CICoach YesEmail 
Sinclair, MelissaAustraliaInstitute of Environmental Studies, University of New South WalesCoachEnglish Email 
Singleton, LyndalAustraliaDawul Wuru -YirrganydjiCoach  Email 
Smith, FionaAustraliaGrassland Management Coordinator – Parks VictoriaCoach  Email 
Sprod, DanielAustraliaLandscape Conservation Coordinator – Independent ConsultantCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Stevens, AlysAustraliaBiodiversity Scientist – NT Dept. of Land Resource ManagementCoach in Training  Email 
Stevens, MikeAustraliaParks VictoriaCoach  Email 
Stewart, AnnetteAustraliaInvestment Proposals Coordinator – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoachEnglish Email 
Stronach, PeterAustraliaGreening AustraliaCoach in Training  Email 
Terk, Elizabeth (Liz)Federated States of MicronesiaTNCCoach in Training  Email 
Umbagai, LeahAustraliaDambimangari Aboriginal Corporation/ Kimberley Land CouncilCoach in TrainingEnglish Email 
Vallance, GeorgiaAustraliaWarddeken Land ManagementCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Vigilante, TomAustraliaBush Heritage Australia English Email 
Walsh, PhilippaAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach TrainerEnglishYesEmail 
Watson, AlexanderAustraliaKimberley Program Manager – World Wildlife FundCoach in Training  Email 
Webster, LexieAustraliaSenior Environmental Planner – City of Gold Coast Coach in Training  Email 
Weisenberger, FrankAustraliaFrank Weisenberger ConsultingCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Willmott, AmandaAustraliaEnvironment Coordinator – Fairbridge WA Inc.Coach in Training  Email 
Wong, NathanAustraliaProgram Manager of Natural Resource and Cultural Heritage Management – Dja Dja Wurrung EnterprisesCoach in Training  Email 
Wright, JohnAustraliaTeam Leader Research Coordination – Parks VictoriaCoach  Email