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Name Country of Residence Title / CompanyExperienceLanguage(s)Avail. to coach in other countries  
Austin, Elvira (Ellie)AustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Bayley, SamAustraliaKimberley Land Council - WillinginCoachEnglish Email 
Berkinshaw, ToddAustraliaTechnical Services Manager – Greening Australia English Email 
Beshara, TimAustraliaScience Manager – Greening Australia English Email 
Carr, BenAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoachEnglish Email 
Cowell, StuartAustraliaDirector – Conservation ManagementCoach, Coach TrainerEnglishYesEmail 
Creek, DionAustraliaKalan Enterprises/Kaantju Traditional OwnerCoachPortuguese, English Email 
Creek, JenniferAustraliaKulla Land TrustCoach in TrainingEnglish Email 
Deegan, PaulaAustraliaIndependent consultant – UnaffiliatedCoach, Coach TrainerEnglishYesEmail 
Dougherty, ClairAustraliaProperty Planning Coordinator – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoachEnglish Email 
Eccles, SarahAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach  Email 
Fitzherbert, KateAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach in TrainingEnglish Email 
Freudenberger, DavidAustraliaSenior Lecturer – Fenner School of Environment & Society English Email 
Grant, AndreAustraliaCentre for Alternative TechnologiesCoach TrainerEnglish, FrenchYesEmail 
Grinrod, JenAustraliaConservation Project Officer – Bush Heritage Australia English Email 
Guymala, TerahAustraliaWarddeken English Email 
Hasenauer, NadjaAustraliaWWFCoach in Training  Email 
Heydenrych, BarryAustraliaGondwana Link coordinator – Greening Australia-Gondwana LinkCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Hobson, NaomiAustraliaBalkanu /KULLA (Cape York)CoachFrench, English, Spanish Email 
Holland, NatalieAustraliaConservation Projects Manager – TNCCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Ignjic, EmmaAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Jaffer, TimAustraliaUnaffiliated English Email 
Keesing, AmandaAustraliaGondwana Link LtdCoachEnglish Email 
Koch, PaulAustraliaProject Ecologist – Independent ConsulotantCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Lipsett-Moore, GeoffAustraliaNorthern Australia Program Director – TNC Australia Program English Email 
Nabarlambal, SarahAustraliaWarddeken English Email 
Nicholls, DominickAustraliaIndependent Consultant   Email 
Polglase, LanaAustraliaKuuku Y'au Aboriginal CorporationCoach in TrainingEnglish Email 
Sinclair, MelissaAustraliaInstitute of Environmental Studies, University of New South WalesCoachEnglish Email 
Sprod, DanielAustraliaLandscape Conservation Coordinator – Independent ConsultantCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Stewart, AnnetteAustraliaInvestment Proposals Coordinator – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoachEnglish Email 
Umbagai, LeahAustraliaDambimangari Aboriginal Corporation/ Kimberley Land CouncilCoach in TrainingEnglish Email 
Vallance, GeorgiaAustraliaWarddeken Land ManagementCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Vigilante, TomAustraliaBush Heritage Australia English Email 
Walsh, PhilippaAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach TrainerEnglishYesEmail 
Weisenberger, FrankAustraliaFrank Weisenberger ConsultingCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Wong, NathanAustraliaProgram Manager of Natural Resource and Cultural Heritage Management – Dja Dja Wurrung EnterprisesCoach in Training  Email