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Name Country of Residence Title / CompanyExperienceLanguage(s)Avail. to coach in other countries  
Chen, ShuyinPeople's Republic of ChinaTNC Mandarin, English Email 
Chen, JingPeople's Republic of ChinaProgram Manager. Traffic – WWF China   Email 
Chu, ClarusPeople's Republic of ChinaWWF Mandarin, English Email 
Chueng (Mr.), CWPeople's Republic of ChinaHead of Footprint – WWF Hong KongCoach TrainerMandarin, English Email 
Cornish (Mr.), AndyPeople's Republic of ChinaDirector, Conservation – WWF Hong Kong     
Durnin, MattPeople's Republic of ChinaRegional Conservation Scientist – Independent ConsultantCoach TrainerEnglish, ChineseYesEmail 
Dutton, IanUnited StatesPrincipal – Nautilus Impact InvestingCoach TrainerEnglish, IndonesianYesEmail 
Fei, LENG (Ms.)People's Republic of ChinaProgramme Coordinator – WWF China Mandarin, English Email 
Feng, MingminPeople's Republic of ChinaTNCCoachMandarin, English Email 
Guangzhi, LucyPeople's Republic of ChinaPaulson Institute Mandarin, English Email 
Hou, NingPeople's Republic of ChinaTNCCoachMandarin, English Email 
Jinyu, Lei  (Mr.)People's Republic of Chinasenior Officer – WWF China Mandarin, English Email 
Lasch, CristinaMexicoConservation Planning Specialist & CCNet Technical Coordinator – TNCCoach Trainer    
Leung, Yamme  (Mr.)People's Republic of ChinaEducation Manager – WWF Hong Kong Mandarin, English Email 
Liu, DachangPeople's Republic of ChinaConservation Measures Manager – SEE Conservation Mandarin, English Email 
Liu, YingPeople's Republic of ChinaManager of Conservation Strategy, Chief Programme Officer office – WWF ChinaCoach in Training  Email 
Lo, CherylPeople's Republic of ChinaWWF Mandarin, English Email 
Long, YonchengPeople's Republic of ChinaConservation Measures Manager – Independent Consultant Mandarin, English Email 
Luhong, WangPeople's Republic of ChinaHealthy River Project Manager – TNC China   Email 
Luo, YongmeiPeople's Republic of ChinaTNCCoachMandarin Email 
Morrison, JohnUnited StatesManager, Conservation Planning & Measures; Coordinator-CCNet – WWF USCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Nan, ZengPeople's Republic of ChinaAssociate Project Officer -Inner Mongolia – TNC   Email 
Qing, LiuPeople's Republic of ChinaMarine Project Associate Officer – TNCCoach  Email 
Qiong, WUPeople's Republic of ChinaProgram Officer, Governance – WWF China   Email 
Quanhua, Shi  (Ms.)People's Republic of ChinaOfficer – WWF China Mandarin, English Email 
Song, LiuPeople's Republic of ChinaSenior Program Officer, Water – WWF China   Email 
Tong, JinPeople's Republic of ChinaConservation Scientist – TNC, ChinaCoach TrainerMandarin, English Email 
Wang, QianPeople's Republic of ChinaDirector/Deputy Practice Head, Freshwater Practice – WWF ChinaCoach  Email 
Wang, JimeiPeople's Republic of ChinaSichuan Protected Area Project Manager – TNCCoachMandarin, English Email 
Wang, YitingPeople's Republic of ChinaWWFCoachMandarin Email 
Wen, Xianji  (Mr.)People's Republic of ChinaConservation Manager, South China Wetlands – WWF Hong Kong Mandarin, English Email 
Yan, Zhang (Mr.)People's Republic of ChinaIUCN Mandarin, English Email 
Yanfang, ZhangPeople's Republic of ChinaConservation Management Service Manager – TNC   Email 
Yang, BoPeople's Republic of ChinaWetland Project Officer – TNCCoach TrainerMandarin, English Email 
Yujing, Zhou  (Ms.)People's Republic of ChinaCoordinator – WWF China Mandarin, English Email 
Yuqi, HAOPeople's Republic of ChinaProgram Officer, Wildlife (AHEC) – WWF China   Email 
Zhengzheng, MAPeople's Republic of ChinaProgram Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation – WWF China   Email 
Zhou, YaxingPeople's Republic of ChinaCommunity Conservation Manager – TNCCoachMandarin, English Email