Charting the Course for the Future of CCNet Europe

Story sent by Xavi Escuté, Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera and Co-Franchise Leader for CCNet Europe

In October, 2018, the European Core Team met in Berlin, Germany, for CCNet Europe’s first ever in-person strategic planning workshop. We are grateful that Pip Walsh from CCNet Australia was able to facilitate our intense discussion! Thanks again for pausing your holidays for us, Pip!

During the workshop, we revised our Theory of Change, developed concrete objectives until 2023, and worked on our monitoring, evaluation, and learning framework. CCNet Europe members provided input in a questionnaire to help us fill some important knowledge gaps. The process is still ongoing, but we have a much better understanding of our joint mission, aims, and the required work to get there. We expect to have the new version of the strategic plan in the following couple of months, so stay tuned!

Core Team Members of CCNet Europe with Pip Walsh (Community Solutions & CCNet Australia coach) and Andrew Cox (4Nature) at the Strategic Planning meeting, October 2018. Image shared by Xavi Escuté.