Five-year management plan developed for China’s largest panda reserve 

Story by 靳彤 JIN Tong, Science Director with The Nature Conservancy China and CCNet China Franchise Leader

During the last six months of 2018, several coaches from The Nature Conservancy’s China Program (Zeng Nan, Hou Ning, Zhang Yanfang, and Jin Tong) have applied the Open Standards to formulate a five-year management plan for the Wolong National Nature Reserve. Established in 1963, the reserve is the earliest, largest, and best-known panda reserve in China.

Invited by the Reserve Management Bureau, TNC China works as a technical consultant to guide the management planning process. After an Open Standard training workshop with the reserve staff and key stakeholders in early July, the planning process followed the steps of Open Standards and continued for four months through several small-scale participatory discussions, site investigations, and expert consultations. In October of 2018, the plan was approved at an Expert Review Meeting.

This plan will provide a foundation and detailed guidance for conservation actions during the following five years. We expect that the experience of applying the Open Standards in Wolong will greatly promote their further adoption within China’s nature conservation communities.

The workshop group discusses threats and strategies for conservation targets. Photo: TNC


Situation analysis for Wolong National Nature Reserve produced by workshop participants. Image provided by TNC.