New CCNet Coach Trainings in 2021-2022

Conservation Coach Trainings are offered by CCNet Global in coordination with regional CCNet Franchises and often with partners who co-host trainings.

Trainings are for those already experienced with the Open Standards, with the opportunity or the mandate to lead conservation project teams, who feel ready and desire to increase their knowledge.

We have not held a coach training since February 2020 (South Africa) as the pandemic closed in. Because of the immersive nature of coach trainings, we currently cannot envision holding them virtually, and hope that the pandemic will be controlled so that we can restart them.

Upcoming coach training events: 

Pacific Islands Coach Training | April 1-8, 2022 | Hawaii, United States: A coach training, sponsored by The Nature Conservancy for Pacific Islanders, is tentatively scheduled for November 2021, if not postponed due to the pandemic. For more information, contact Emily Fielding or John Morrison.

Latin America Coach Training | not scheduled yet | Chile: depending on interest and if we secure financial support, we might offer a training some time in 2022. If you are interested, contact Irina Montenegro and Cristina Lasch.

North America Coach Training | not scheduled yet | US or Canada: we have a healthy list of individuals who are interested in a North American coach training and are just waiting for the pandemic to subside to schedule the next one, somewhere in North America. If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring or hosting a coach training (with preference given to your staff), let us know: John Morrison.