New CCNet Coach Trainings in 2022

Conservation Coach Trainings are offered by CCNet Global in coordination with regional CCNet Networks and often with partners who co-host trainings.

Trainings are for those already experienced with the Conservation Standards, with the opportunity or the mandate to lead conservation project teams, who feel ready and desire to increase their knowledge. Because these trainings are immersive, we offer them in-person.

We had not held a coach training since February 2020 (South Africa) as the pandemic closed in, and are excited that starting in May of 2022 CCNet Europe offered the first new coach training again in France and severeal other trainings are being offered also this year!

Upcoming conservation coach training events: 


Canada Coach Training | scheduled prior to CCNet Rally, October 11 – 16, 2022 in Canada (Victoria): CCNet Canada will be offering an in-person training for colleagues who aspire to become conservation coaches. Trainers: Anita Diederichsen (WWF/CCNet Latin Ameica) and John Morrison (WWF/CCNet Global), Sarah Cotter (Parks Canada), and logistical organization Brenda Van Sleeuwen (Parks Canada). The event capacity is full.

Pacific Islands Coach Training | December 5-9, 2022 | Hawaii, United States: The Nature Conservancy and CCNet Pacific Islands will be offering an in-person training for colleagues, especially Pacific islanders, who aspire to become conservation coaches. Trainers: Rob Sutter (Enduring Conservation), John Morrison (WWF/CCNet Global) and Chad Wiggins (TNC), and logistical organization Annalea Fink/Emily Fielding (TNC/CCNet Pacific Islands). If you have practical experience applying the Conservation Standards or one of its adaptations and wish to receive more information, contact Emily Fielding or John Morrison.