2019 Cohort of Certified Conservation Coaches

Last year we announced a first group of eight practitioners who received their certificate as conservation coaches, through a second party certification process – where CCNet is the certifying entity.   

The CCNet Certification Program provides an opportunity for conservation practitioners who coach projects with the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, to be recognized through certification – indicating that they have achieved an “officially” acknowledged level of proficiency. 

The certification program was established in response to practitioner demand. However, because the certification process requires significant effort and a documented high level of proficiency, we expect that only a certain percentage of coaches will seek certification. And to be clear: if you are a trained conservation coach, you don’t have to be formally certified by CCNet to call yourself, and act as, a conservation coach. Certification is only for those coaches who feel the need (e.g., as a consultant) to have those credentials and for practitioners who want to further develop conservation coaching as a professional path 

We are happy to announce that this year the following seven practitioners were certified by CCNet as conservation coaches. 

  • Nico Boenisch (Germany) 
  • Erica Cochrane (United States) 
  • Andy Dickerson (United States) 
  • Xavier Escute (Spain (Catalonia)) 
  • Tobias Garstecki (Germany) 
  • Irina Montenegro (Chile) 
  • Quinn Shurtliff (United States) 

We have updated our conservation coaches data-base to show who is certified.  

If you want to learn more about the certification process, or want to apply for certification, visit our website.