CCNet Latin America: Mesoamerica and South America Franchises Join Forces

In 2004 two separate franchises were established in the region to serve conservation coaches in Mesoamerica and South America.

At the 2018 CCNet Rally in Australia, a group of coaches from Latin America met to discuss ideas to better address the needs of conservation coaches in the region. As a result, we have decided to merge the Mesoamerica and South America Franchises into CCNet Latin America.

This new franchise will serve Spanish-speaking South America, Brazil, the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. A list of countries served by this franchise can be found here.

We would like to thank Dave Kramer and Yven Echeverría who served in the past as franchise leaders for CCNet Mesoamerica, and Irina Montenegro who has served as franchise leader for South America for many years and has kindly accepted to continue as a leader in this new franchise.

The new CCNet Latin America is jointly led by the following colleagues:

Irina Montenegro: WWF-Chile. She serves as point of contact for Spanish-speaking South America, and she represents the LA franchise team on decision making and main focal point on the CCNet Board.

Anita Diederichsen: WWF-Brasil. She will help update the data-base for Brazil.

Gustavo Gatti: Conserve Brasil. He serves as point of contact for Brazil.

Estuardo Secaira: Independent Consultant. He serves as point of contact for Central America.

Cristina Lasch: TNC-Mexico and Northern Central America / CCNet. She serves as point of contact for Mexico and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

We thank all these colleagues for stepping up in this leadership role.

If you are interested in training opportunities on the Open Standards or conservation coaching in the region, or want to stay in touch with fellow coaches in Latin America, please contact one of the franchise leaders.