CCNet North America leadership changes and reorganization

This announcement relates to changes in leadership within CCNet North America, and also the merging of two former franchises into a new one.

We would like to thank Sandi Matsumoto from TNC, for her many years of service as the leader of the former Sierras/California franchse!

The decision was made to merge the Sierras/California franchise and the Rocky Mountains/Canada Franchises, forming the new  leaders Western Franchise in North America. We are grateful to Andrew Bridges and Terri Schulz for their leadership under the previous structure and for being willing to continue to lead this new franchise together.

While the name of this franchise points to the Western portion of the United States,until a separate franchise is formed for Canada, the Western franchise will also serve Canadian coaches.

If you are interested in Open Standards or Conservation Coach Training opportunities in this region, please contact Terri or Andrew.