Conservation International Brazil Reconnecting to Open Standards

Story from Gustavo Gatti, Conserve Brasil 

Last February, a group of 24 professionals from Conservation International Brazil gathered in Rio de Janeiro for an Open Standards introductory training course. Over five days, participants learned all thr steps of the Open Standards cycle, but focused on Steps 1 and 2 (Conceptualize, Plan Actions and Monitoring). In breakout group sessions, participants practiced applying the Open Standards to four current CI Brazil projects. During the closing session, participants expressed that they could see how the Open Standards would be of value as a planning framework for current and future projects. 

The training was organized by Marcia Panno (CI Brazil), Flavia Rocha, and Annette Olsson (a CCNet coach from CI) and delivered by Gustavo Gatti (Conserve Brasil), assisted by Maísa Guapyassú. 

Conservation International staff from Brazil at an Open Standards training, 2019. Photo credit: Gustavo Gatti, Conserve Brasil.