World Map of Projects Applying the Open Standards

Instructions shared by Felix Cybulla, Independent Adviser, Conservation Planning & Adaptive Management

Did you know we have a map to record projects that are using the Open Standards, Miradi and Miradi Share?

This map was initially set up by Felix, thanks Felix! and is curated by users on Google Maps.

We’ve already registered over 30,000 views! Please help us get your projects on the map and share the news with others to add their projects. In addition to recording the location, we encourage you to share as much information on your project as possible, such as links to management plans, websites, contact details and photos.

Everyone applying the Open Standards, Miradi or Miradi Share can (and should) add projects to this map, it is as simple as 1-2-3. Here are the instructions:

Step 1: Open the map

Step 2: Click on edit (if not already in edit view)

Step 3: click on “add marker” on the top row

Step 4: Add your project information (make sure to add as much detail as possible. Websites and contact details, even photos!)

We hope you will contribute to this global project registry to help us connect and learn from each other’s projects so we can better support nature and people who depend on it.