Want to join the Steering Committee for a New Project: Scaling of Indigenous-led conservation using the Conservation Standards? – send an EOI by April 10

The Community of Practice (CoP) on Indigenous Conservation Standards projects and CS projects on Indigenous Land and Waters is launching a New Project: Scaling of Indigenous-led conservation using the Conservation Standards

Indigenous communities worldwide already contribute to more than 40% of the conservation estate, highlighting the importance of indigenous-led conservation initiatives. Seeking to support indigenous CS practitioners and CS projects on indigenous lands, the CoP is excited to announce the participation in a learning network that looks at taking conservation initiatives to scale.

Sponsored by Foundations of Success and with financial support from the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation, the project “Scaling of Indigenous-led conservation using the Conservation Standards” seeks to identify and explore pathways for scaling the use of the CS by indigenous land and sea managers.

Recent successes at scaling the CS and its adaptations (e.g. Healthy Country Planning in Australia) have led this project to look at the contributing factors for this uptake and growth and compare these with the context and circumstances in other regions.

The project will investigate the enablers and barriers to scaling indigenous led-conservation through a series of dialogues, interviews, case studies, and workshops to develop a theory of change that will describe future scaling models.

The CoP invites passionate individuals interested in indigenous-led conservation to participate in the Project Steering Committee (PSC) to co-design and coordinate this project. Expressions of interest are open until the 10th of April. Please find the invitation for EOI here, and a list of frequently asked questions here.