Join our Conservation Standards (CS) Adoption Support Group!

Charles Latrémouille has launched a Conservation Standards (CS) adoption support group, a self-organized and self-sustaining group of individuals aiming to improve conservation practices within their organization through the adoption of the CS. The purpose of the group is to openly discuss issues and find solutions in a safe environment (see the group’s Terms of reference here). The group is being created through CMP’s Conservation Standards Adoption project.

For now, the group will be interacting in the “CS adoption support group” space in Google Chat, where members can chat, manage tasks, and meet virtually. We will be meeting once a couple of members have joined the group, and then quarterly thereafter. Contact Charles if you are interested in joining the group and he will add you to this shared space in Google Chat.

Please note that some organization’s IT policies and email settings may prevent your work email address from being invited to external applications like Google Chat. If this is the case, you may be asked to provide an alternate email address (e.g., @gmail).