CCNet Global – Overview of 2022 Accomplishments

In case you haven’t seen the 2022 CCNet Accomplishments report, we share some highlights below. You can find the report here.

In 2022, CCNet:

  • Had 760 active coaches, representing over 260 institutions and helping projects in 75 countries on all continents. Slightly over half of our coaches worked with non-profits, followed by 17% in independent consultancies and 17% in government agencies. We also had smaller percentages of participants from academic institutions, community-based and indigenous organizations and networks, foundations, and land trusts.
  • Trained 75 new conservation coaches at four in-person events in three different countries.
  • Certified one coach; several other coaches renewed their certification.
  • Worked with the Conservation Measures Partnership to publish the Conservation Standards version 4.0 in Spanish.
  • Worked with a Joint Guidance Review Committee to review and post materials and guidance on the Conservation Standards.
  • Connected 835 conservation coaches and practitioners through our listserv.
  • Held a CCNet Rally, which was attended by 115 participants representing 28 different organizations and consultancies from 16 countries. Learn more about session highlights here.
  • Spent US$307,623 to provide support through core activities, including holding our 2022 Rally. Our global network budget was duplicated by in-kind support provided by our CCNet Regional and Thematic Networks. We thank all our donors and supporters who have enabled CCNet to serve teams and projects around the world.

For more information, contact John Morrison (CCNet Global Coordinator) and Cristina Lasch (CCNet Technical Coordinator)