Here you will find virtual training opportunities hosted by CCNet and collaborators to help advance the professional development of conservation coaches.

Adaptation within Adaptive Conservation Management:

Hosted in 2017 by CCNet Europe, with Ilke Tilders, Arlyne Johnson and Judy Boshoven from Foundations of Success (FOS)


Adult learning: Did a PowerPoint teach you to ride a bicycle? Why understanding adult learning principles is critical for teaching and facilitating the Open Standards:

Hosted by CCNet Europe in 2016 with Amielle DeWan and Hanna Lenz (IFAW).


Climate-smart Conservation Standards:

A series of recordings hosted by CCNet Global colleagues Marcia Brown (FOS) and John Morrison (WWF) in 2018 are available here.


Conservation Standards in Practice:

Regularly hosted and sponsored by the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP), including:

  • Conservation Essentials: Vital skills for Implementing and Managing Conservation Efforts:  Presenters: Marika Suval, Felix Cybulla, Arlyne Johnson 
  • Testing, Improving, and Rolling Out CMP’s Conservation Audit Tool: Presenters: Elizabeth O’Neill, Sheila O’Connor 

Evaluation: Pragmatic approaches to evaluating conservation projects and programs:

jointly hosted by Elizabeth O’Neill from EON Impact Consulting, LLC, and CCNet North America on February 22 and 23, 2018.

Miradi User Group Webinars:

Regularly hosted by the Miradi User Group.


Teaching Adaptive Management Webinars:

The TAM Network hosts informative webinars on experiences with teaching the Conservation Standards in academic settings. Including:

  • Lessons learned from the Conservation Planning course at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Co-hosted by the TAM Network and Dr. Arlyne Johnson in 2016.
  • Innovative Online Formats for Academic Courses in the OS. Co-hosted by the TAM Network and Dr. Heather Eves with Virginia Tech and Johns Hopkins in 2015. 

Virtual Coaching:

In 2020 CCNet started hosting trainings on virtual coaching. Including:

  • Introduction to Virtual Coaching: Hosted in 2020 by Marcia Brown (FOS) and Cristina Lasch (TNC), in collaboration with Caroline Stem (FOS/CMP), Clair Dougherty (Bush Heritage Australia), Felix Cybulla (Independent/CCNet SEA), Natalie Holland and Olivia Millard (TNC/CCNet Global).   

  • Using Mural, a virtual whiteboard, to coach remotely (August 27 – 28, 2020): In this webinar, hosted by Olivia Millard /TNC/CCNet Global), Armando Valdés (FOS) and Felix Cybulla (Independent/CCNet SEA), participants can learn all about Mural and how to use it to coach project teams.