2006 (May) Marin California coach training group photo


This training was held in Marin County, California in May 2006.

The trainers were Jora Young (TNC), Cristina Lasch (TNC), and Alan Holt (TNC).

We have not been able to identify everyone who was present and would welcome the assistance if you recognize someone that we can’t name.

Front Row, L to R: Judy Dunscomb, Cam Tredennick, unknown, Raquel Seybert, Jora Young, Ken Popper

Second row, L to R: Trina Leberer, unknown, Evie Whitten, Maka Bitsadze, Alex Mas

Third row, L to R: Cristina Lasch, Anne Gondor, Edgard Herrera, James Byrne, Bernal Herrera

Back row, L to R: Yven Etcheverria, Sue Palminteri, Alan Holt, John Morrison, Alfonso Lombana