Newly trained coaches proudly sport their CCNet shirts. Photo by Gustavo Gatti.

At the end of May 2014, just before the start of the soccer World Cup, our first New Coach Training in Portuguese laid the foundation for a cadre of coaches who will be able to service conservation projects and teams in Brazil. At this groundbreaking event in the historic town of Pirenópolis, 16 conservation professionals who work with government agencies, foundations, non-profits, and as consultants came together to learn and share their knowledge.

Thanks to support from WWF-Brazil, all coach training materials are now available in Portuguese.

Training sponsored by: WWF-Brazil & CCNet

Training led by: Rogerio Barbosa (WWF-Brazil), Anita Diederichsen (CCNet coach) & Cristina Lasch (TNC/CCNet global)

For the full participant list click here.