CCNet Coach Training participants at the Pingree Park Mountain Campus, Colorado, U.S.A. Photo: TNC

From July 10 – 15, 2022 CCNet North America and Colorado State University co-sponsored a Conservation Coach Training at the Colorado State University Mountain Campus in Colorado, U.S.A. The trainers were CCNet North America co-leads Terri Schulz (TNC), Doug Pearsall (TNC), and John Paskus (Michigan State University).

Eleven participants attended the workshop, representing nongovernmental organizations, a public wildlife management agency, a private company, and a university. Most participants came from across the USA; one attendee joined us from Colombia. The attendees’ diverse life experiences and perspectives made discussions rich and lively.

During the training attendees embraced the opportunity to practice facilitation skills with impressive energy and creativity. Case studies focused on reducing deforestation by large corporate investors in the Amazonian plains and agriculture-related water quality issues in southwestern Tennessee rivers. The Amazonian plains case study featured Indigenous peoples and local communities and offered experience working through human wellbeing targets and indicators.