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Name Country of Residence Title / CompanyExperienceCCNet Certified CoachTeaching Adaptive ManagementCoP - Indigenous CS ProjectsLanguage(s)Avail. to coach in other countries  
Anderson, MarkAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach      
Ansell, JenniferAustraliaConsultantCoach      
Bayley, SamAustraliaConservation ManagementCoach  YesEnglish  
Berkinshaw, ToddAustraliaTechnical Services Manager – Greening Australia    English  
Beshara, TimAustraliaScience Manager – Greening Australia    English  
Bock, EllieAustraliaConsultantCoach  Yes   
Branigan, SimonAustraliaEstuaries Conservation Coordinator – TNCCoach      
Broughton, ColinAustraliaFacilitator – Nillumbik Landcare NetworkCoach      
Brown, AllanaAustraliaHealthy Landscapes Manger / Ecologist North Region – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoach      
Carr, BenAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach   English  
Carswell, EleanorAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach      
Chek, AndrewAustraliaProject Officer – Australian Government Department of the EnvironmentCoach in Training      
Clark, EllieAustraliaWimmera Project Officer – Trust for NatureCoach      
Cowell, StuartAustraliaDirector – Conservation ManagementCoach, Coach TrainerYes YesEnglishYes 
Creek, LucretiaAustraliaKulla Land TrustCoach in Training  Yes   
Creek, JenniferAustraliaKulla Land TrustCoach in Training  YesEnglish  
Creek, DionAustraliaKalan Enterprises/Kaantju Traditional OwnerCoach  YesPortuguese, English  
Cullen, BenAustraliaPort Phillip & Westernport Regional Manager – Trust for NatureCoach      
Deegan, PaulaAustraliaIndependent consultant – Independent ConsultantCoach, Coach Trainer  YesEnglishYes  
Doudle, SamAustraliaProject Officer – Department of Environment, Water and Natural ResourcesCoach in Training      
Dougherty, ClairAustraliaProperty Planning Coordinator – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoach  YesEnglish  
Dufty, AnthonyAustraliaSustainable Land Management Coordinator (West) – Port Phillip Westernport CMACoach      
Durant, MickAustraliaSenior Vegetation Consultant – Greening AustraliaCoach in Training      
Eccles, SarahAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach  Yes   
Evans, DougAustraliaLandcare and Sustainable Agriculture Manager – Port Phillip Westernport CMACoach      
Ferarro, PaulAustraliaThreatened Species Policy | Biodiversity Division – Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, VictoriaCoach      
Fitzherbert, KateAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach in Training   English  
Fraser, LaurenAustraliaTrust for NatureCoach   English  
Freudenberger, DavidAustraliaSenior Lecturer – Fenner School of Environment & Society    English  
Gellar, NigelAustraliaSenior Ranger Coordinator – Warddeken Land ManagementCoach in Training      
Geoghegan, JoelAustraliaFacilitator – Bass Coast Landcare NetworkCoach      
Gilfillan, AnnaAustraliaTerritory NRMCoach in Training      
Gore-Birch Gault, Cecilia (Cissy)AustraliaBush Heritage Australia Indigenous Engagement Manager – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoach in Training  Yes   
Grant, AndreAustraliaCentre for Alternative TechnologiesCoach Trainer  YesEnglish, FrenchYes 
Grattidge, AnnAustraliaEcOz Environmental ServicesCoach in Training      
Grinrod, JenAustraliaConservation Project Officer – Bush Heritage Australia    English  
Groffen, HeidiAustraliaWildlife biologist – Territory NRMCoach in Training      
Gunn, JodyAustraliaExecutive Manager South east Region – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoach      
Guymala, TerahAustraliaWarddeken   YesEnglish  
Halligan, SarahAustraliaSustainable Land Management Coordinator (East) – Port Phillip Westernport CMACoach      
Hasenauer, NadjaAustraliaWWFCoach in Training      
Heydenrych, BarryAustraliaGondwana Link coordinator – Greening Australia-Gondwana LinkCoach Trainer   English  
Hobson, NaomiAustraliaBalkanu /KULLA (Cape York)Coach  YesFrench, English, Spanish  
Holland, NatalieAustraliaConservation Projects Manager – TNCCoach Trainer, HCP CoachYes YesEnglish  
Holmes, JarradAustraliaConsultant – Independent ConsultantCoach in Training  Yes   
Howe, SteffanAustraliaMarine Science Manager – Parks AustraliaCoach      
Ignjic, EmmaAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach TrainerYes YesEnglish  
Jackson, MichaAustraliaConsultantCoach in Training  Yes   
Jaffer, TimAustraliaIndependent Consultant   YesEnglish  
Keesing, AmandaAustraliaGondwana Link LtdCoach   English  
Kermode, RoscoAustraliaConsultant – Conservation ManagementCoach in Training      
King, BrettAustraliaProgram Coordinator - Protecting Biodiversity – North Queensland Dry Tropics NRMCoach in Training      
Koch, PaulAustraliaProject Ecologist – Independent ConsultantCoach Trainer   English  
Kumar, SarasAustraliaDirector – Conservation ManagementCoach, HCP Coach  YesEnglishYes 
Mackay, GreyAustraliaProgram Manager – Rangelands NRM WACoach in Training      
McCreedy, EricaAustraliaNAILSMACoach in Training  Yes   
McGinlee, BilleeAustralia Coach in Training  Yes   
McGregor, JamesAustraliaCAP Facilitator – Greening AustraliaCoach in Training      
McLean, LyndallAustraliaConsultant Handy Mandy NTCoach Trainer  Yes   
McLellan, ElisabethAustraliaHealthy Landscapes Manager – Western Rangelands – Bush Heritage Australia       
Mikov, MichaelAustraliaPlanning, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist – Independent Consultant       
Mitchell, Katherine (Kat)AustraliaWilinggin Healthy Country Coordinator – Kimberley Land CouncilCoach in Training  Yes   
Moorcroft, HeatherAustraliaConservation ManagementHCP Coach  Yes   
Muchow, ArturAustraliaFacilitator – Middle Yarra Landcare NetworkCoach      
Nabarlambal, SarahAustraliaWarddeken   YesEnglish  
Nicholls, DominickAustraliaIndependent Consultant   Yes   
Nichols, KellieAustraliaCoordinator – Bass Coast Landcare NetworkCoach      
Pegler, PhilAustraliaParks VictoriaCoach      
Pennington, AdamAustraliaDepartment of Environment, Water and Natural ResourcesCoach in Training      
Polglase, LanaAustraliaKuuku Y'au Aboriginal CorporationCoach in Training   English  
Ramachandra, AnuragAustraliaCICoach      
Robinson, DougAustraliaActing Regional Operations Manager and Conservation Science Coordinator – Trust for NatureCoach      
Rodrigue, MarkAustraliaProgram Leader Marine and Coasts – Parks VictoriaCoach      
Sanders, AngelaAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach      
Sherriff, NicoleAustraliaStakeholder Coordinator – Hydro TasmaniaCoach in Training      
Simpson, VirginiaAustraliaGreater Mekong and Timor Leste Development Manager – CICoach    Yes 
Sinclair, MelissaAustraliaInstitute of Environmental Studies, University of New South WalesCoach   English  
Singleton, LyndalAustraliaDawul Wuru -YirrganydjiCoach      
Smith, FionaAustraliaGrassland Management Coordinator – Parks VictoriaCoach      
Sprod, DanielAustraliaLandscape Conservation Coordinator – Independent ConsultantCoach Trainer   English  
Stevens, MikeAustraliaParks VictoriaCoach      
Stevens, AlysAustraliaBiodiversity Scientist – NT Dept. of Land Resource ManagementCoach in Training  Yes   
Stewart, AnnetteAustraliaInvestment Proposals Coordinator – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoach   English  
Stronach, PeterAustraliaGreening AustraliaCoach in Training      
Umbagai, LeahAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach in Training  YesEnglish  
Vigilante, TomAustraliaBush Heritage Australia   YesEnglish  
Walsh, PhilippaAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach TrainerYes  EnglishYes 
Watson, AlexanderAustraliaKimberley Program Manager – World Wildlife FundCoach in Training      
Webster, LexieAustraliaSenior Environmental Planner – City of Gold Coast Coach in Training      
Weisenberger, FrankAustraliaFrank Weisenberger ConsultingCoach Trainer  YesEnglish  
Willmott, AmandaAustraliaEnvironment Coordinator – Fairbridge WA Inc.Coach in Training      
Wong, NathanAustraliaProgram Manager of Natural Resource and Cultural Heritage Management – Dja Dja Wurrung EnterprisesCoach in Training  Yes   
Wright, JohnAustraliaTeam Leader Research Coordination – Parks VictoriaCoach      

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The Conservation Standards is the product of inputs, field tests, and discussions among members of the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP), which has final editorial authority over the Conservation Standards. Substantial input was also provided by members of the Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet) and other CMP partners.

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