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Name Country of Residence Title / CompanyExperienceCCNet Certified CoachTeaching Adaptive ManagementCoP - Indigenous OS ProjectsLanguage(s)Avail. to coach in other countries  
Agchbayar, Khurel-ErdeneMongoliaOtgontengerCoach     Email 
Altangerel, ErdenebayarMongoliaGeneral Manager – Eco-Asia Environmental InstituteCoach Trainer     Email 
Ankhbayar, EnkhboldMongoliaSpecialist – Ministry Environment & Tourism      Email 
Ariya, UyangaMongoliaProject coordinator – TNC Mongolia      Email 
Baasandamba, ErdenechimegMongoliaSnow Leopard FundCoach     Email 
Balbar, GankhuyagMongoliaCommunity development officer – TNC Mongolia      Email 
Baljnyam, Batjargal0WWF MongoliaCoach     Email 
Bandi, DanaajavMongoliaBogdkhan Mountain Strictly Protected AreaCoach     Email 
Basan, MunkhchuluunMongoliaWWF MongoliaCoach     Email 
Batbyamba, KhankhuuMongoliaHustai NPCoach     Email 
Batjargal, BaljnyamMongoliaNature resource management officer – WWF Mongolia AHEC      Email 
Bekhbat, BatdorjMongoliaEastern Mongolia Protected Area AdministrationCoach     Email 
Bold, AldarmaaMongoliaSenior specialist – Onon Balj NP      Email 
Bolortsetseg, SanjaaMongoliaWCSCoach     Email 
Davaa, GalbadrakhMongoliaTNCCoach       
Davaakhuu, BolortsetsegMongoliaSenior Specialist – Khan khentii SPA      Email 
Dembereldash, BaigalmaaMongoliaTNC      Email 
Dondog, AltangerelMongoliaArgali centerCoach     Email 
Dorjsuren, UrjinbadamMongoliaKhuvsgul National ParkCoach     Email 
Dutton, IanUnited StatesPrincipal – Nautilus Impact InvestingCoach Trainer   English, IndonesianYesEmail 
Egidarev, EugeneRussiaSenior Specialist – WWF Russia, AHEC      Email 
Enkhmunkh, GanboldMongoliaSenior Specialist – Ministry Environment & Tourism      Email 
Enkhtsetseg, TuguldurMongoliaField Biologist – TNC - MongoliaCoach Trainer     Email 
Gankhuyag, BalbarMongoliaWWF AHECCoach Trainer     Email 
Gordon, DoriaUnited StatesEDF    English Email 
Khaltar, OyunbilegMongoliaMEGDCoach     Email 
KHULAN, Munkh-Erdene  (Ms.)Mongoliamanager – WWF Mongolia      Email 
Khurel-Erdene, AgchbayarMongoliaOtgontengerCoach     Email 
Lasch, CristinaMexicoConservation Planning Specialist & CCNet Technical Coordinator – TNCCoach Trainer   Spanish Email 
Morrison, JohnUnited StatesManager, Conservation Planning & Measures; Coordinator-CCNet – WWF USCoach TrainerYes  English Email 
Munkh-Ochir, UrtnasanMongoliaEastern Mongolia Protected Area AdministrationCoach     Email 
Munkh-Od, DashpurevMongoliaOnon baljCoach     Email 
Munkhnast, DalannastMongoliaWWFCoach     Email 
Ochirkhuyag, LkhamjavMongoliaWCSCoach     Email 
Otgonbayar, BayanmunkhMongoliaSenior specialist – Munkhkhairkhan SPA      Email 
Oyunsaikhan, GanbaatarMongoliaDepartment on Special Protected Areas Administration, GobiCoach     Email 
Pague, ChrisUnited StatesLead Senior Conservation Ecologist – TNCCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Perenlei, GalragchaaMongoliaIndependent ConsultantCoach     Email 
Purev-Ochir, GankhuyagMongoliaMongolian bird conservation centerCoach     Email 
Purevsuren, GaltsogMongoliaMyangan Ugalzat National ParkCoach     Email 
Sanjmyatav, MungunchimegMongoliaProject Coordinator – WWF Mongolia      Email 
Sen, YaoMongoliaAssociate Project Officer -Inner Mongolia – TNC      Email 
Sereeterdorj, TsendsurenMongoliaMEGDCoach     Email 
Suvd, PurevjavMongoliaUNDPCoach     Email 
Tamir, MandakhMongoliaKhan-Khentii National ParkCoach     Email 
Tsedendash, TuvshinbatMongoliaSpecialist – Ministry Environment & Tourism      Email 
Tserenbat, MunkhbatMongoliaCEO, Khomiin taliin takhi NGO – Takhiin Tal      Email 
Tungalag, GansukhMongoliaUNDPCoach     Email 
Turmunkh, BoldbaatarMongoliaSpecialist – Ministry Environment & Tourism      Email 
Yunden, BayarjagalMongoliaScience director – TNC      Email