Initially, we had two franchises in the region. CCNet MesoAmerica and CCNet South America, both created in 2012. In 2019 we decided to join as one franchise, for all of Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, comprising the following countries. 

The franchise leaders are:

Irina Montenegro

Senior Planning and Monitoring Officer, WWF – Chile

Valdivia, Chile

Irina serves as point of contact for Spanish-speaking South America, and she represents the LA franchise team on decision making and main focal point on the CCNet Board.


Anita Diederichsen

Global Lead / Coordinator of the Forest Landscape Restoration, WWF

Curitiba, Brasil

Gustavo Gatti

Director, Conserve Brasil.

Curitiba, Brasil

Gustavo serves as point of contact for Brasil.

Estuardo Secaira

Independent Consultant on Conservation, Protected Areas, Sustainable Development and Adaptive Management.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Estuardo serves as point of contact for Spanish-speaking Central America.

Cristina Lasch

Conservation Planning and Adaptation Lead, The Nature Conservancy Mexico and Northern  Central America & CCNet Operations Coordinator.

Merida, Mexico

Cristina serves as point of contact for Mexico and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

Visit our joint CCNet Latin America website.