CCNet North America
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CCNet North America was created between 2004-2006 and covers four sub-franchises in the United States and Canada.

The franchise leaders are:










North America Central

John Paskus

Lead Conservation Planner & Senior Conservation Scientist, Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Michigan State University Extension.

Michigan, USA

doug pearsall_MThumb

Doug Pearsall

Senior Conservation Scientist, The Nature Conservancy, Michigan

Michigan, USA


Sara Gottlieb

North America Eastern

Sara Gottlieb

Conservation Planner, The Nature Conservancy

Georgia, USA


Terri Schulz

North America Western

Terri Schulz

Director of Landscape Science and Management, The Nature Conservancy

Colorado, USA

Andrew Bridges 1

Andrew Bridges

Research Ecologist/Program Manager, Institute for Wildlife Studies

California, USA




Visit the official franchise webpage