Welcome to the online home of the Teaching Adaptive Management (TAM) Network!

The TAM network serves faculty, staff, students, and coaches who are involved or interested in adaptive management courses at universities or other academic institutions. Through TAM, members share tried-and-tested resources, experiences, and insights for bringing the Open Standards to the classroom and integrating adaptive management training into applied conservation curricula. Find out how to start a course, find a course near you or check out our webinar series.

You may be asking yourself, why teach an academic course in adaptive management?

Academic courses that bring together students and practitioners to apply the OS to real conservation projects has proven time and again to be a win-win collaboration.

Practitioners get:

  • žAn opportunity to systematically apply the OS to their work
  • žUseful draft management plans and recommendations
  • žA cadre of prospective staff  / interns with AM skills

Students get:

  • žFluency in Open Standards – looks great on a resume!
  • žAn opportunity to gain hands-on experience applying AM skills to real-world projects
  • žExposure to the realities and challenges of conservation practice

To learn more on how to start a course of your own, visit the Getting a Course Started page or contact the TAM Core Team. Our global team can respond to emails in English, Spanish, German, or French!


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The Teaching Adaptive Management Network leader is:


Vinaya Swaminathan

Senior Program Officer, Foundations of Success




You can also contact the following TAM core team members:


Armando Valdés-Velásquez

Foundations of Success





Felix Cybulla

Freelance Consultant, Global Change Management & Miradi Team





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