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Name Country of Residence Title / CompanyExperienceLanguage(s)Avail. to coach in other countries  
Alexander, LouiseUnited StatesUS Fish and Wildlife Service, NCSU English Email 
Anderson, AlyssaUnited StatesTNCCoach in Training  Email 
Antenen, SusanUnited StatesNY State Parks English Email 
Apse, ColinUnited StatesSenior Freshwater Conservation Advisor – TNCCoachEnglish Email 
Balint, JudithUnited Statesno longer with WWF US   Email 
Bechtel, DougUnited StatesCEO – Audubon International English Email 
Best, BarbaraUnited StatesSenior Coastal Resources Advisor – USAIDCoach  Email 
Boshoven, JudyUnited StatesProgram Officer – Foundations of SuccessCoachEnglishYesEmail 
Braun, DavidUnited StatesSound Science, IncCoachEnglish Email 
Brown, MarciaUnited StatesSenior Program Officer – Foundations of SuccessCoach TrainerEnglishYesEmail 
Brown, JeanneUnited StatesFormer TNC staff in Virgin Islands – Independent Consultant English Email 
Byrne, JamesUnited StatesMarine Science Program Manager – TNCCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Byrne, BobUnited StatesIndepentent Consultant – Bob Byrne Consulting EnglishYesEmail 
Campellone, RobUnited StatesUSFWSCoach  Email 
Carollo, CristinaUnited StatesTNCCoach  Email 
Castro, MauricioUnited StatesSr. Conservation Scientist – TNCCoach TrainerEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, German Email 
Childs, SaraUnited StatesProgram Director – Duke University English Email 
DeGarady, Colette United StatesSenior Conservation Ecologist – Independent ConsultantCoachEnglish Email 
DeMello, NicoleUnited StatesForest Carbon Specialist – TNCCoach  Email 
Dewan, AmielleUnited StatesSenior Research and Monitoring Scientist – Impact by Design Group English Email 
Didier, KarlUnited StatesWCSCoach TrainerEnglish, PortugueseYesEmail 
Dietz, Lou AnnUnited StatesConsultant – Associação Mico-Leão-Dourado (Brasil)Coach TrainerEnglishYesEmail 
Duda, LynnUnited StatesConservation Planning Specialist – Independent Consultant EnglishYesEmail 
Dunscomb, JudyUnited StatesSenior Conservation Scientist – TNCCoachEnglish Email 
Evans, KirstenUnited StatesDeputy Director of Conservation Strategy and Learning – TNCCoachEnglish Email 
Eves, HeatherUnited StatesYale Universtity English Email 
Flores, MarcoUnited StatesBiodiversity and Natural Resources Specialist – USAIDCoach  Email 
Francis, MargaretUnited StatesFoundation Representative/Representante – IAF     
Gagnon, PaulaUnited StatesIndependent Consultant EnglishYesEmail 
Garris, CristyUnited StatesIndependent ConsultantCoachChinese, English, RussianYesEmail 
Gordon, DoriaUnited StatesEDF English Email 
Gottlieb, SaraUnited StatesConservation Planner – TNCCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Green, ShelleyUnited StatesDirector of Conservation Programs – TNC English Email 
Hadley, NinaUnited StatesDeputy Director, Conservation Lands Global Team – Independent Consultant English Email 
Harrell, Reginal M.United StatesProfessor, Director, and Natural Resources Extension Specialist – University of MarylandCoach  Email 
Hayden, DanielUnited StatesSenior Director, Global Programs – RARE English   
Hendrix, TatianaUnited StatesUS Fish and WildlifeCoach  Email 
Henkel, BrianUnited StatesProject Coordinator – Marine Natural History ObservatoryCoach  Email 
Herschler, NathanUnited StatesIFAW   Email 
Hicks, ShellyUnited StatesSenior Project Design Specialist – Environmental Incentives, Measuring Impact ProjectCoach  Email 
Hill, MeganUnited StatesUSAIDCoach  Email 
Holst, SusieUnited StatesNOAA English Email 
Humpert, MarkUnited StatesAFWA English Email 
Jawhary, DaliaUnited StatesHima Programs Director – Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon-SPNLCoach  Email 
Kaplan, RachelUnited StatesProgram Officer – WWFCoach  Email 
Kessler, DanielleUnited StatesSenior Policy & Outreach Manager – IFAWCoach  Email 
Kissick, AmeliaUnited StatesWWF-USCoach  Email 
Kramer, DaveUnited StatesGerente de aprendizaje e innovación Development Fund – Independent Consultant   Email 
LaPoint, JodieUnited StatesAssociate Director of Conservation – TNCCoachEnglish Email 
Larrea, IrmaUnited StatesProgramme Manager of the Living Amazon Initiative – WWF - USCoachSpanish; English Email 
Lentz, Lauren HannaUnited StatesImpact by Design GroupCoach  Email 
Long, Mary M.United StatesRegional Conservation Planner – U.S. Forest ServiceCoach  Email 
Marchant, KimberleyUnited StatesDirector, Field Programs – WWF-USCoach  Email 
Martin, AllisonUnited StatesProgram Associate, Indigenous & Communal Conservation – TNCCoach in Training  Email 
McGee, AlisonUnited StatesSoutheast GA Conservation Manager – TNC English Email 
Morales, MiguelUnited StatesConservation International English Email 
Morrison, JohnUnited StatesManager, Conservation Planning & Measures; Coordinator-CCNet – WWF USCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Muir, MatthewUnited StatesProgram Officer – USFWSCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Orndorff, StephanieUnited StatesConservation Planner/GIS – National Audubon Society English Email 
Palmer, SallyUnited StatesDirector of Science – TNC English Email 
Pintea, LilianUnited StatesDirector of Conservation Science – The Jane Goodall InstituteCoachEnglish Email 
Planitzer, CarolinUnited StatesSr. Program Officer – WWFCoach  Email 
Plume, CatherineUnited StatesIndependent ConsultantCoachEnglishYesEmail 
Present, TessUnited StatesEnvironmental IncentivesCoach  Email 
Royte, JoshuaUnited StatesConservation Planner – TNCCoachEnglish Email 
Salafsky, NickUnited StatesFoundations of SuccessCoach TrainerEnglishYesEmail 
Schueler, KelseyUnited StatesConservation Policy & Programing – Environmental IncentivesCoach  Email 
Schuler, GeorgeUnited StatesDirector of Conservation Science and Practice – TNCCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Stem, CarolineUnited StatesSenior Program Officer – Foundations of SuccessCoach, Coach TrainerEnglish, SpanishYesEmail 
Stenhouse, RenaeUnited StatesWWF GEF Agency Management Unit – WWF-USCoach  Email 
Sullivan, CourtneyUnited StatesWWFCoach  Email 
Suoto, TamiaUnited StatesProgram Manager – Amazon Conservation AssociationCoachEnglish, Spanish Email 
Surridge, MarthaUnited StatesSenior Conservation Planner – Defenders of Wildlife English Email 
Sutter, RobUnited StatesConsultant – Enduring Conservation Outcomes, LLC EnglishYesEmail 
Todd, PaulUnited StatesDirector Strategy Development Initiatives & Campaigns – NRDC   Email 
Toledo, DianaUnited StatesLeadership Development Director – River NetworkCoach in TrainingSpanish, English Email 
Toro, JessicaUnited StatesCo-Owner – Native Habitat Restoration English Email 
Tua, JonUnited StatesManager / Conservation Planning – WWF USCoachEnglish Email 
Watland, AngelaUnited StatesConservation Planner – TNCCoachEnglish Email 
Waugh, JohnUnited StatesVP, Climate and Environment – Integra LLCCoach  Email 
Welch, MeganUnited StatesProgram Officer – WWF US English Email 
Wheeler, JenniferUnited StatesIndependent ConsultantCoach  Email 
Will, ThomasUnited StatesUSFWSCoach  Email 
Wilson, TroyUnited StatesAssistant Nongame Coordinator – US Fish & Wildlife ServiceCoach  Email 
Young, JoraUnited StatesCCNetCoach TrainerEnglish Email