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Name Country of Residence Title / CompanyExperienceCCNet Certified CoachTeaching Adaptive ManagementCoP - Indigenous OS ProjectsLanguage(s)Avail. to coach in other countries  
Alexander, JohnUnited StatesExecutive Director – Klamath Bird ObservatoryCoach     Email 
Bagshaw, DarinCanadaConservation Areas Advisor – Government of Northwest TerritoriesCoach     Email 
Barna, HeatherCanadaDirector, Conservation Planning – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   English Email 
Bayha, WalterCanadaDeline Renewable Resources CouncilCoach     Email 
Benson, Heather SaundersUnited StatesPlanning Manager – Puget Sound PartnershipCoach     Email 
Bloomfield, BetsyUnited StatesCowache Canyon TrustCoach   English Email 
Borg, KimCanadaEnvironment and Climate Change CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Boxwell, JanetCanadaGwichin' Renewable Resources BoardCoach     Email 
Braun, MatthewCanadaManager of Conservation Science and Planning – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   English Email 
Brook, LilithCanadaSenior Conservation Areas Advisor – Government of the Northwest TerritoriesCoach     Email 
Brown, JennyUnited StatesConservation Ecologist – TNCCoach Trainer   English Email 
Browne, ClaudiaUnited StatesWater Resource Specialist/Bioregion Team leader – BiohabitatsCoach     Email 
Bryan, GrahamCanadaManager, Protected Areas – Canadian Wildlife Service - Ontario RegionCoach     Email 
Burnidge, WilliamUnited StatesNortheast Colorado Project Director – TNC      Email 
Byers, AnyaUnited StatesLand and Water Conservation Manager – The Nature ConservancyCoach     Email 
Deland, CarineCanadaDirector of Science and Stewardship, QC – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   French and English Email 
Dunford, WendyCanadaCandian Wildlife Service - Environment CanadaCoach   English, French Email 
Dutton, IanUnited StatesPrincipal – Nautilus Impact InvestingCoach Trainer   English, IndonesianYesEmail 
Evans-Peters, SaraUnited StatesConservation Planner – Pacific Birds Habitat Joint VentureCoach     Email 
Farrow, LesleyCanadaConservation Coordinator – Environment and Climate Change CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Finn, SeanUnited StatesScience Coordinator – USFWSCoach     Email 
Garvoille, RebeccaUnited StatesPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Conservation Biology – Denver ZooCoach   English Email 
Gonzales, EmilyCanadaEcological Restoration Specialist – Parks Canada      Email 
Goose, ErinCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural ResourcesCoach     Email 
Haas, ClaudiaCanadaProtected Areas Biologist – Government of the Northwest TerritoriesCoach     Email 
Hamel, CaryCanadaDirector of Conservation (Acting) – Nature Conservancy of Canada, Manitoba RegionCoach     Email 
Harding, CraigCanadaManager of Conservation Science and Planning – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   English Email 
Heron, TimCanadaNWT Metis NationCoach     Email 
Hodgkiss, SarahCanadaCarolinian Canada Coalition      Email 
Hoffman, NancyUnited StatesProject Leader – Independent ConsultantCoach     Email 
Holman, DeanCanadaLiidli Kue First NationCoach     Email 
Hook, AbigailUnited StatesESA | Environmental Science Associates     YesEmail 
Howes, BriarCanadaParks Canada    French Email 
Hudson, Virginia (Ginny)CanadaNature Conservancy of CanadaCoach in Training     Email 
Ingraham, MollyUnited StatesAssociate Director of Conservation Planning – TNC    English Email 
Jalava, JarmoCanadaConsulting Ecologist – Independent Consultant      Email 
Jobin, BenoitCanadaHabitat Conservation Specialist – Environment and Climate Change CanadaCoach in Training   French and English Email 
Johnson, MIkeUnited StatesEnvironmental Planner – Puget Sound PartnershipCoach     Email 
Knauer, JenniferUnited StatesHook & Knauer    English Email 
Koscinski, DariaCanadaCarolinian Canada Coalition      Email 
Lacy, LeanderUnited StatesCbD 2.0 Learning Coordinator – TNCCoach     Email 
Lapointe, Nicolas (Nick)CanadaThe Nature Conservancy of Canada      Email 
Lockwood, WarrenUnited StatesProduct Manager – Sitka Technology GroupCoach     Email 
Mackay, GlenCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories – Education, Culture and Employment      Email 
MacLeod, BritneyCanadaHabitat Ecologist – Environment and Climate Change CanadaCoach   English Email 
Maier, KrisCanadaGwichin' Renewable Resources  BoardCoach     Email 
Makletzoff, TonyaCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural ResourcesCoach     Email 
Maloy, MollyUnited StatesGraduate and Adult Programs Manager – Denver ZooCoach     Email 
Martin, BrianUnited StatesEastern MT Science & Stewardship Director – TNC    English Email 
McDonald, Katherine (Katie)CanadaIndependent Consultant      Email 
Miewald, TomUnited StatesSpatial Ecologist/Conservation Planner – USFWSCoach     Email 
Miller, RobynUnited StatesDirector of Conservation Programs – TNC    English Email 
Morgan, AlexisCanadaPrivate consultant – Independent Consultant     No  
Mountain, LaraCanadaDucks Unlimited, CanadaCoach     Email 
Muller, GretchenUnited StatesSenior Associate – Cascadia Consulting GroupCoach     Email 
Nelson, KaraUnited StatesConservation Planner and Scientist – Kara Nelson Consulting    EnglishYesEmail 
Neufeld, RebekahCanadaConservation Operations Program Coordinator – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   English Email 
Neyelle, MichaelCanadaDeline Renewable Resources CouncilCoach     Email 
Noseworthy, JoshCanadaDirector of Science - Atlantic Canada – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach     Email 
Nussey, PatCanadaConservation Planner – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   English Email 
O'Neill, ElizabethUnited StatesManaging Director – EON Impact ConsultingCoach   EnglishYesEmail 
O’Brien, SaraUnited StatesDirector of Conservation Planning – Defenders of Wildlife    English Email 
Pague, ChrisUnited StatesLead Senior Conservation Ecologist – TNCCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Pickering, DebbieUnited StatesOregon Coast Ecologist – TNCCoach Trainer   English Email 
Potter, KarenCanadaEnvironment and Climate Change CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Powers, ElizabethUnited StatesUSFWSCoach     Email 
Robertson, AmandaUnited StatesUS Fish and WildlifeCoach     Email 
Robson, LauraCanadaConservation Coordinator, ON Region – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Salzer, DanUnited StatesConservation Planning & Tools Specialist – TNCCoach Trainer   English Email 
Sargent, TashaCanadaJoint Venture Coordinator – Environment and Climate Change CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Schake, KatherineUnited StatesProgram Associate – Nautilus Impact InvestingCoach     Email 
Schulz, TerriUnited StatesSenior Conservation Ecologist – TNCCoach, Coach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Sherman, JulieUnited StatesExecutive Director – Wildlife ImpactCoach    YesEmail 
Sherwood, KristinUnited Statesindependent - Fish ChoiceCoach     Email 
Shurtliff, QuinnUnited StatesWildlife Biologist and Conservation Planning Coach – Veolia Nuclear Solutions - Federal ServicesCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Sissons, RobertCanadaParks CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Sliwinski, MaggiCanadaParks CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Stein, KellyCanadaConservation Areas Management Planner – Government of Northwest TerritoriesCoach     Email 
Sterne, CharlaUnited StatesUS Fish and WildlifeCoach     Email 
Stiles, KariUnited StatesAdaptive Systems Manager – Puget Sound Institute – University of Washington    English Email 
Strand, HollyUnited StatesUtah State UniversityCoach     Email 
Strole, ToddUnited StatesNatural Areas Stewardship Program Manager – Illinois Department of Natural ResourcesCoach     Email 
Sundaresan, SivaKenyaDenver Zoological Foundation    English Email 
Swallow, MichelleCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural ResourcesCoach     Email 
Swaminathan, VinayaUnited StatesConservation Planner – Foundations of SuccessCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmailProfile
Swanepoel, Pieter AUnited StatesSafaribwanaCoach     Email 
Tanaka, AndreaCanadaHabitat Planner, Stewardship – Environment and Climate Change CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Tremblay, ChristianCanadaParks CanadaCoach in Training   English and French Email 
Turner, DaleUnited StatesConservation Scientist – TNCCoach   English Email 
Unnasch, RobertUnited StatesDirector of Science – TNC    English Email 
van Sleeuwen, BrendaCanadaNational Manager, Property Science and Planning – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   English Email 
Watson, JulieUnited StatesHabitat Strategic Initiative Policy Lead – Washington Department of Fish and WildlifeCoach     Email 
Wysocki, KoralCanadaProgram Manager – Carolinian Canada CoalitionCoach   English Email 
Zimmer, KarlCanadaHead, Stewardship – Environment and Climate Change Canada    English Email