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Name Country of Residence Title / CompanyExperienceLanguage(s)Avail. to coach in other countries  
Alexander, JohnUnited StatesExecutive Director – Klamath Bird ObservatoryCoach  Email 
Bagshaw, DarinCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural ResourcesCoach  Email 
Baumgartner, JeffreyUnited StatesIndependent Consultant EnglishYesEmail 
Bayha, WalterCanadaDeline Renewable Resources CouncilCoach  Email 
Benson, Heather SaundersUnited StatesImplementation Strategies Manager – Puget Sound PartnershipCoach  Email 
Bloomfield, BetsyUnited StatesCowache Canyon TrustCoachEnglish Email 
Boxwell, JanetCanadaGwichin' Renewable Resources BoardCoach  Email 
Brook, LilithCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural ResourcesCoach  Email 
Brown, JennyUnited StatesConservation Ecologist – TNCCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Browne, ClaudiaUnited StatesWater Resource Specialist – BiohabitatsCoach  Email 
Bryan, GrahamCanadaManager, Protected Areas – Environment and Climate Change CanadaCoach  Email 
Burnidge, WilliamUnited StatesNortheast Colorado Project Director – TNC   Email 
Byers, AnyaUnited StatesAsset Management Steward – TNC ColoradoCoach  Email 
Damberg, CarolUnited StatesInventory & Monitoring Biologist – US Fish and WildlifeCoach  Email 
Degiorgio, JoanUnited StatesNorth Mountains Regional Director – TNC English Email 
Duffner, GuyUnited StatesNARegion - Fire Learning Network – TNCCoachEnglish Email 
Dunford, WendyCanadaCandian Wildlife Service - Environment CanadaCoachEnglish, French Email 
Dutton, IanUnited StatesNautilus Impact InvestingCoach TrainerEnglish, IndonesianYesEmail 
Evans-Peters, SaraUnited StatesConservation Planner – Pacific Birds Habitat Joint VentureCoach  Email 
Finn, SeanUnited StatesScience Coordinator – USFWSCoach  Email 
Garvoille, RebeccaUnited StatesPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Conservation Biology – Denver ZooCoachEnglish Email 
Goose, ErinCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural ResourcesCoach  Email 
Hamel, CaryCanadaConservation Science Manager – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach  Email 
Heron, TimCanadaNWT Metis NationCoach  Email 
Hodgkiss, SarahCanadaCarolinian Canada Coalition   Email 
Hoffman, NancyUnited StatesProject Leader – Independent ConsultantCoach  Email 
Holman, DeanCanadaLiidli Kue First NationCoach  Email 
Hook, AbigailUnited StatesESA | Environmental Science Associates  YesEmail 
Huffman, MaryUnited StatesFire Learning Network – TNCCoachEnglish Email 
Ingraham, MollyUnited StatesAssociate Director of Conservation Planning – TNC English Email 
Jalava, JarmoCanadaCoordinator, Ecosystem Recovery Program – Carolinian Canada Coalition   Email 
Jensen, TheresaUnited StatesMediator, Facilitator, Collaboration Coach – Integral SolutionsCoach  Email 
Johnson, MIkeUnited StatesEnvironmental Planner – Puget Sound PartnershipCoach  Email 
Knauer, JenniferUnited StatesHook & Knauer English Email 
Koscinski, DariaCanadaCarolinian Canada Coalition   Email 
Lacy, LeanderUnited StatesEnvironmental Social Scientist – TNCCoach  Email 
Lapointe, Nicolas (Nick)CanadaThe Nature Conservancy of Canada   Email 
Lewis, PaigeUnited StatesDirector, Forest Restoration & Fire – TNCCoach  Email 
Lockwood, WarrenUnited StatesProduct Manager – Sitka Technology GroupCoach  Email 
Mackay, GlenCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories – Education, Culture and Employment   Email 
Maier, KrisCanadaGwichin' Renewable Resources  BoardCoach  Email 
Makletzoff, TonyaCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural ResourcesCoach  Email 
Martin, BrianUnited StatesEastern MT Science & Stewardship Director – TNC English Email 
McDonald, Katherine (Katie)CanadaIndependent Consultant   Email 
Miewald, TomUnited StatesPlanner – USFWCoach  Email 
Miller, RobynUnited StatesInland NW Conservation Manager – TNC English Email 
Morgan, AlexisCanadaPrivate consultant – Independent Consultant  No  
Mountain, LaraCanadaDucks Unlimited, CanadaCoach  Email 
Muller, GretchenUnited StatesSenior Associate – Cascadia Consulting GroupCoach  Email 
Nelson, KaraUnited StatesConservation Planner – Independent Consultant EnglishYesEmail 
Neyelle, MichaelCanadaDeline Renewable Resources CouncilCoach  Email 
Noseworthy, JoshCanadaDirector of Conservation Science - Atlantic Canada – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach  Email 
O'Neill, ElizabethUnited StatesElizabeth O’Neill Impact ConsultingCoachEnglishYesEmail 
O’Brien, SaraUnited StatesDirector of Conservation Planning – Defenders of Wildlife English Email 
Pague, ChrisUnited StatesScience Director – TNCCoach TrainerEnglishYesEmail 
Palmer, MikeCanadaTNCCoach  Email 
Pickering, DebbieUnited StatesOregon Coast Ecologist – TNCCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Plank, HeidiUnited StatesBLMCoach  Email 
Powers, ElizabethUnited StatesUSFWSCoach  Email 
Robertson, AmandaUnited StatesUS Fish and WildlifeCoach  Email 
Salzer, DanUnited StatesConservation Planning & Tools Specialist – TNCCoach TrainerEnglish Email 
Schake, KatherineUnited StatesProgram Associate – Nautilus Impact InvestingCoach  Email 
Schulz, TerriUnited StatesScience Director – TNCCoach, Coach TrainerEnglishYesEmail 
Sherman, JulieUnited StatesExecutive Director – Wildlife ImpactCoach YesEmail 
Sherwood, KristinUnited Statesindependent - Fish ChoiceCoach  Email 
Shurtliff, QuinnUnited StatesAssociate Conservation Scientist – Wastren Advantage, Inc. (WAI)Coach TrainerEnglishYesEmail 
Stein, KellyCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural ResourcesCoach  Email 
Sterne, CharlaUnited StatesUS Fish and WildlifeCoach  Email 
Stiles, KariUnited StatesADAPTIVE SYSTEMS MANAGER – Puget Sound Institute – University of Washington English Email 
Strand, HollyUnited StatesUtah State UniversityCoach  Email 
Strole, ToddUnited StatesIndependent ConsultantCoach  Email 
Sundaresan, SivaKenyaDenver Zoological Foundation English Email 
Swallow, MichelleCanadaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural ResourcesCoach  Email 
Swaminathan, VinayaUnited StatesConservation Planner – Foundations of SuccessCoach TrainerEnglishYesEmailProfile
Swanepoel, Pieter AUnited StatesSafaribwanaCoach  Email 
Turner, DaleUnited StatesConservation Planner, TNC Arizona Program – TNC English Email 
Unnasch, RobertUnited StatesDirector of Science – TNC English Email 
Watson, JulieUnited StatesHabitat Strategic Initiative Policy Lead – Washington Department of Fish and WildlifeCoach  Email