Pacific Islands Use Open Standards for Biodiversity Project

cook islands

Participants at the Open Standards training in the Cook Islands.

Story from Philippa Walsh, Director at Community Solutions, Australia.

In March, the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program commissioned an Open Standards training for project teams from Republic of Nauru, Kingdom of Tonga, Cook Islands, and Tuvalu. Training participants practiced Open Standards approaches they can apply to their work on the Global Environment Facility, a program funded by the United Nations Environment Program’s Integrated Islands Biodiversity project. Participants used results from the Rapid Biodiversity Survey and Miradi to develop informed conservation plans. After the workshop, participants noted that they needed easier access to Miradi and more coaches in the South Pacific in order to effectively utilize the Open Standards. They also recommended that the program donors receive basic Open Standards training.


CCNet coaches Bruce Jefferies (Conservation Planning and Management Systems) and Philippa Walsh (Community Solutions) led the workshops.