Announcing the CCNet Europe Association!

Story from Felix Cybulla, CCNet Europe coach and Nico Boenisch, Foundations of Success-Europe

The CCNet Europe Franchise has grown constantly over the last few years. We started with a group of just around 10 people and are close to 60 members today. After years of intensive dialogue at different rallies, workshops, and meetings, the core CCNet Europe team has responded to requests to found an association to help support our conservation coaches and their work.

On December 1, 2016, we founded the CCNet Europe Association. We hope that establishing an association will help us with three main needs of our growing Franchise:

  • maintaining CCNet Europe’s core principles and the way we function
  • sharing the responsibility for our activities among all members
  • creating a stronger basis for financial sustainability in the implementation of our core functions

One of CCNet’s most important principles is that it is a true community of practice built, operated, and maintained by its members. Our CCNet Europe Association helps us achieve this principle by giving decision-making power to all of our members.

The CCNet Europe Association will be officially registered as a not-for-profit organisation in early 2017. We are eagerly awaiting registration and looking forward to continuing our great work in 2017.


Coaches in the CCNet Europe Association come from all over Europe.

Coaches in the CCNet Europe Association come from all over Europe.