Greening the Iron Curtain

Story from Anne Katrin Heinrichs, EuroNatur, and Felix Cybulla, CCNet Europe coach

The European Green Belt Initiative hopes to ensure that the former border between eastern and western European countries remains a green corridor for wildlife to thrive and migrate. Stretching 12,500 kilometers from north to south, the Green Belt passes through a wide variety of landscapes, giving it high potential to be the backbone of a pan-European ecological network.

CCNet Europe coach Anne Katrin Heinrichs works for EuroNatur, the organization currently chairing the European Green Belt Association. While Katrin was on maternity leave, Felix Cybulla used the Open Standards to facilitate two regional conferences for sections of the Green Belt as well as the 2016 pan-European conference. Through this facilitation, the association was able to achieve coherent planning and align joint priorities for the next two years.

Katrin is now back at the desk, and we are looking forward to an exciting 2017. More information about the work along the European Green Belt can be found at