Getting Cultured: Updates to Human Wellbeing Guidance

Story from Caroline Stem, Foundations of Success

In July 2016, the Conservation Measurement Partnership (CMP) released an update to the human wellbeing guidance (a companion to the Open Standards). This update is based on feedback from conservationists, including several CCNet members, who worked with the previous version across dozens of projects spanning a wide range of countries and cultures. The update also reflects the CMP Human Wellbeing Working Group’s diverse backgrounds and expertise.

In addition to edits that clarify and refine text, Version 2.0 includes the following:

  • Recognition that the proposed approach may not work under all conditions and some teams will need to determine what resonates with their audiences, while staying as true as possible to the Open Standards.
  • More explicit and detailed guidance for how to address cultural elements.
  • Examples of how to display human wellbeing targets and how those layouts might be interpreted differently by different audiences.

Learn more about Incorporating Social Aspects and Human Wellbeing in Biodiversity Conservation Projects, Version 2.0 here.