Miradi Work Planning Just Got Better—Version 4.4 Available!

Story from Caroline Stem, Foundations of Success                                               

With Miradi 4.4 it is now easier than ever to take all the great strategic planning work you do in Miradi and turn it into a logical, easy-to-follow work plan that you can share with your colleagues. Drawing on feedback from Miradi users, the Miradi Design Team made work planning more intuitive and user-friendly in version 4.4. Some key features and improvements include:

  • The work plan table is now easier to read, navigate, understand, and edit
  • Progress reports can now be added to results chains (in addition to strategies, activities, objectives, and goals) so that users can reflect on the overall progress across a results chain
  • Users can assign monitoring activities and associated time and expenses directly to indicators
  • Users can share data with Miradi Share for program-based work planning

You can learn more about these features in the Miradi Guide to Work Planning in Miradi 4.4.