Open Standards Practitioner’s Training at the San Diego Zoo in California, USA

Story from Andrew Bridges, Institute for Wildlife Studies

Open Standards Training, San Diego, CA, 2017

On 22–24 February 2017, a practitioner’s training workshop was held at the San Diego Zoo’s Beckman Center for Conservation Research in Escondido, California USA.  CCNet Coaches Rob Sutter (Enduring Conservation), Quinn Shurtliff (Wastren Advantage), and Andrew Bridges (Institute for Wildlife Studies) conducted the 3-day workshop for 18 students including conservation biologists representing the San Diego Zoo, World Wildlife Fund, and United States Navy.  In addition to presenting lecture materials, we formed 3 break-out teams to work through the Open Standards steps using real-world projects ranging in scope and scale from the entire arctic ecosystem to individual species recovery plans for burrowing owls and endangered mountain yellow-legged frogs.