Developing a Management Plan for a Marine Protected Area in Southern Patagonia

Story from Irina Montenegro, WWF Chile 

The Open Standards are being used as the key methodology for generating a participatory management plan and integrated governance model for the Pitipalena – Añihué Multiple Use Marine Protected Area in Southern Patagonia. The planning process is being coordinated by the Regional Environmental Secretariat of the Aysén Region and has engaged local stakeholders, such as maritime and fisheries authorities, municipalities, and local communities represented by the Pitipalena –Añihué Foundation. WWF Chile is providing technical support. The group designed the management plan during two Open Standards training workshops in Cohayque, Chile, and shared the initiative at the 4th  International Marine Protected Areas Congress held in La Serena, Chile, in September 2017. More information is available in Spanish here.

Pitipalena Añinue Multuple Use Marine Protected Area, Chile. Photo by WWF Chile