Multiple Team Workshop in Georgia

Story by Felix Cybulla

In late April 2018, CCNet Europe held yet another successful Multiple Team Workshop in the country of Georgia. Each of the five teams at the workshop was trained by a senior conservation coach and a conservation coach-in-training. With this setup, coaches-in-training gained more experience in a safe environment, and each team had the opportunity to learn from two different dedicated coaches. In total, 52 participants from eight countries and over 28 organizations worked on topics such as “Ecosystem Based Adaption to Climate Change in Central Asia,” “Protection of birds and their habitats in the Balkans,” and “Management of the World Habitat Site Colchic.” We’d like to thank the coaches involved, as well as Nico Boenisch and Vladimir Milushev, for serving as trainers. We also proudly welcome five new coaches to CCNet: Anna, Boris, Ivana, Sophie, and Vedran! For any questions, please contact Nico, Vladimir or Tobias.