More Coaches to Promote the Use of Open Standards in Africa

Story from Anne Ntongho, WWF Cameroon

Three lecturers from three key institutions (National Water and Forest Institute, Mbalmayo (ENEF), Wildlife Institute, Garoua (EFG), and the University of Dschang (UDs)) participated in a coach training in Barcelona, Spain. Training lecturers from these key institutions will help institutionalize adaptive management approaches in the teaching curriculum and provide students with useful tools for their future careers. Many of the students at these institutions are later employed in conservation fields or by the government of Cameroon in ministries of the environment and development.

As a result of this training, one of the lecturers now meets the criteria for becoming a CCNet coach, while the two other lecturers are coaches-in-training and will receive support and follow-up from certified coaches and trainers. These new coaches will join the growing number of coaches supporting the CCNet Africa Franchise.