2018 CCNet Awards for Outstanding Contribution to the Practice of Conservation

At the 2018 Rally, CCNet Global and CCNet Australia jointly handed out two awards for people who have made an outstanding contribution to the practice of conservation.

Frank Weisenberger, Australia: Frank has been and is one of the leaders and drivers in the development and expansion of Health Country Planning in Australia. He has helped establish Healthy Country Plans over many millions of hectares and is widely respected and highly regarded by all who work with him. He has made an incredibly significant contribution to the expansion and impact of the Open Standards and Healthy Country Planning.

Wunambal and Gaambera people, North-West Kimberley, Australia: The Wunambal and Gaambera people have led the practice of Healthy Country Planning for the past decade. It was their willingness to work with an unfamiliar tool and make it their own that seeded what has become Healthy Country Planning. They have continued development of the practice of conservation with their ground-breaking monitoring and evaluation committee and plan evaluations. They are leaders in conservation planning not just for Indigenous lands, but for all conservation lands in Australia and around the globe. You can learn more about their contribution to the practice of conservation here.


Frank is honoured by the CCNet community, May, 2018. Photo by Andrew Bridges.

Head Uunguu Ranger Neil Waina holds the CCNet award while senior Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation director Diana Williams shows their Healthy Country Plan. Photo by Tom Vigilante, WGAC/Bush Heritage Australia.

Tom Vigilante receives the award honoring the Wunambal and Gaambera People. Photo by Andrew Bridges.