Conservation Planning at Multiple Scales in Chile

Story from Irina Montenegro, Strategy and Science Director at WWF Chile and CCNet South America Franchise Leader

World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, and Wildlife Conservation Society joined forces to organize an Open Standards workshop for 23 participants from government agencies, academics, and NGO. In October 2018, the Reserva Costera Valdiviana (administrated by TNC) hosted and trained participants to design management plans for Protected Areas and other conservation initiatives in Chile. With the support of CCNet coaches, Irina Montenegro and Gustavo Gatti, participants learned to apply tools to strengthen their current work and were reminded that effectiveness requires not only a systematic and strategic design, but also a strong connection between the different steps of the project cycle. Building the capacity of relevant actors to use key planning tools will help ensure the effective implementation of public conservation polices in Chile. Watch our video for more insights from the workshop!

Participants at the Open Standards workshop in Chile, October, 2018. Photo by WWF Chile