Conservation Standards Products Survey Report

Story from Erica Cochrane (International Crane Foundation)

Remember back in August and September of 2019 when a survey went around asking you for feedback on Open Standards products and tools? To the 110 people who completed the survey, thank you for contributing to our joint learning and growth! And congrats the survey raffle winner who received $500 for the charity of their choice. The full Product Survey Report is now available. Some of the report’s recommendations include:

  • Focus on improving the delivery of currently available resources
  • Develop compelling stories/case studies on the benefits of applying the Open Standards and risks of not doing so
  • Develop Conservation Standards “lite” and do-it-yourself materials
  • Build on the effectiveness of the CCNet Listserv
  • Identify a regular means for the Open Standards community to identify and prioritize product development
  • Incorporate key product gaps into CMP and CCNet working group assignments

You can also take a look at the complete set of thoughtful and useful comments we received.

We hope everyone–whether you participated in the survey or not–will get value from the results and insights in the report. We look forward to working with you on the next joint learning opportunity.

Many of those who attended the CMP Retreat in April 2019 helped formulate questions that went into the survey. Photo by Alex Echols (Campbell Foundation).