Updated Healthy Country Planning Materials Available

Story from Frank Weisenberger and Stuart Cowell

Healthy Country Planning (HCP) is an adaptation of the Conservation Standards that has been used for nearly a decade to help Aboriginal people in Australia look after their “country”–their homelands, waters, culture, and the resources on which they depend. HCP is now used in many countries around the world for a wide range of projects, from “rolling up” regional plans to species-specific plans.

Ever since the first Healthy Country Plan was developed, the community of practice has been developing support tools and processes. After a review by the joint CCNet and CMP Guidance Committee, the HCP resources have been updated and standardised to provide a more consistent, up-to-date “starter set” of slides and exercises for those who want  to use them in a project and for training purposes. Some of the changes include using language more consistently, adding two new examples that run through all presentations, and adopting the new colour scheme of the Conservation Standards/Miradi (someone will need to talk to the Post-it people about this!). You can access the new materials here.

As always, we encourage you to take these materials and make them your own: adjust the language so it is meaningful locally, add relevant examples, create exercises that work for you, and so on. When you do, please share your successes or tell us about changes you think are needed through our CCNet listserv for the Community of Practice  – Indigenous OS projects and OS projects on Indigenous Land and Waters.